Tauranga councillor lays code of conduct complaint

Tauranga City Council Chief Executive Marty Grenfell says the complaint will be investigated. File photo.

Investigations are underway in relation to a code of conduct complaint from a Tauranga City Councillor.

In a statement released this afternoon, Tauranga City Council Chief Executive Marty Grenfell has confirmed that a code of conduct complaint has been received from Councillor Larry Baldock and will be investigated.

He says the complaint is in three parts.

They relate to alleged discrepancies in the text files relating to a deputy mayoral letter of requisition communications between elected members, which were released as a result of Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act information requests earlier this year.

The complaint focuses on text messages involving Councillor Andrew Hollis, which are recorded in a number of councillors’ text files, but which do not appear in Councillor Hollis’s files; and a number of texts between Councillor Dawn Kiddie and Councillor Steve Morris, which do not appear on Councillor Kiddie’s files.

The complaint is also in relation to alleged secret recording of a councillors’ informal meeting by Councillor Hollis, without the permission of those present, and the release of extracts from that recording to other parties.

The third part of the complaint is an apparent discrepancy in the elected member register of interests relating to Councillor Hollis’s role with the Mount Residents and Ratepayers Association.

“The normal, independent investigation process set-out in the Code of Conduct will now be undertaken,” says Grenfell.

“Details of the complaint will be made public when the investigation outcomes are reported to the mayor and councillors, in due course.”

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@ Kancho

Posted on 31-10-2020 22:41 | By

Very diplomatic. Well put indeed. By the way Colleen, no nom de plume here. You won’t find many Yadicks in town . . . or New Zealand for that matter. Kancho, Slim Shady and morepork all make good points . . You also give food for thought - keep contributing.

Hollis must go

Posted on 31-10-2020 22:27 | By Colleen Spiro

Kancho. My debate around Councillors is not based around opinion. It is for me taking an interest in all things Council as a ratepayer. I attend important meetings in Chambers, listen to the livestream. Personally know all the Councillors and Mayor. I observe very carefully, and it it as plain as day, who has Agendas and where the egos are. I read all the leaked files and have seen the leaked video. If certain Councillors cannot take their positions seriously, then it is a matter of ethics, not opinion, as to whether they should stay. I do hope your opinion, is as informed as mine is.

Agree to disagree

Posted on 31-10-2020 19:04 | By Kancho

Well Colleen I am not making personal remarks nor attacking anyone cowardly. I’m entitled to say councillors are there to do a job without all the sideshow . Ratepayers don’t need the waste of time or cost for tit for tat hearings. Debate as to the wisdom of councillors behaviour of any kind isn’t about anything other than opinion , you have yours , I have mine it’s just that


Posted on 31-10-2020 17:01 | By Colleen Spiro

Yes Kancho there is a case to answer. When the heck did Tauranga become a place where we have no moral compass and allow a sitting Councillor just to stir the pot and not give a damn about taking the city forward. Hollis has no right to promote racism. That is not his job as a Councillor, along will all his other misdemeanours. I am no coward hiding behind a non de plume, for you to attack.. I like to know who I am addressing, because it explains a lot to me. It’s easy to sit behind a non de plume and talk about Tenby and Larry resigning, but follow what goes on in this town, including meetings and behaviours of all Councillors. You should listen to this from 2hr 15min in. It will explain a lot. Someone help our city, because you lot will not

@Colleen Spiro

Posted on 31-10-2020 15:28 | By morepork

Maori Wards are unnecessary, Hobson’s Pledge is doing a great job on monitoring Racism and keeping the Treaty Industry honest, and, whether Hollis is guilty or not will not be decided by posts to Sun Live. I am with nerak on this and Slim Shady (even if he doesn’t understand the verb "to pore") is right in his assessment here. Hollis has done much for Ratepayers and he will hopefully get a fair hearing. Larry Baldock has called it like he sees it but there will be no positive outcome. Mass resignation, starting with 10B, is by far the best resolution here.

Yes Colleen

Posted on 31-10-2020 14:34 | By Kancho

I do get your point as it is a fit for tat retaliation and there is a case to answer. However it is time consuming and not what ratepayers want to see . Ratepayers want them to get in with business. It’s seems that even with a babysitter the squabbles haven’t ended. Someone has to draw the line if there is going to be any future confidence . The damage is probably terminal and probably should be handed over to a commissioner to run the city. Then they can tear one another to pieces. A public gladiatorial spectical. Puerile behaviour whoever it is


Posted on 31-10-2020 13:27 | By

I am fully awake. Hollis is one of the few who has the Ratepayers interests at heart, rather than the trough feeders who are only interested in self promotion, like Powell and Baldock. Hollis’ “crime” is trying to expose the lies and corruption. And yes, a Commission is needed. As is a SFO investigation. This Council is as bent as a dogs hind leg. WAKE UP Colleen. So what if he doesn’t support Maori wards? So what if people don’t use their real name? Do you think putting your name on it makes you right? Righteous for sure. Right? No way.


Posted on 31-10-2020 10:06 | By Colleen Spiro

I am disappointed that people do not see that someone has finally brought HOLLIS to task. There are very serious allegations here, from lying that he did not delete texts that you all should have seen, to recording informal meetings and passing them on to the public, so they could be used as soundbytes to discredit those whom they wished, and lastly his involvement with the Mount Ratepayers which he has manipulated..What is it about you people that you cannot see past your noses. He supports publicly Hobsons Pledge petition to overturn Maori Wards and you still think Larry is the problem...Pull your heads out from under ground. Oh and I bet I am the only only without a non de plume...WAKE UP. Or do you wish for a Commission to run Tauranga

More democracy, less mud-raking Larry

Posted on 30-10-2020 17:47 | By

Larry has been pouring over things whilst he’s been off “work” on full pay with his sore leg. Desperately searching for any faults he can snitch on. Pathetic.

For pity's sake

Posted on 30-10-2020 16:50 | By nerak

and the sake of the long suffering ratepayers, SACK THE BLOODY LOT OF THEM AND START FRESH

Forgive them their sins Lord.

Posted on 30-10-2020 16:48 | By Cynical Me

So the self righteous religious can’t seem to follow what they believe. Forgive them their sins for they know not what they are doing or words to that effect. Time for you to quit Larry. Go find a real job. Short of kiwifruit workers so there’s an opening there for you.

Time wasters

Posted on 30-10-2020 15:38 | By Kancho

For heaven’s sake its like a playground at council. Tauranga has lots of serious problems so grow up and concentrate on your may not have the time again