Pest bird spotted in Papamoa

A Rook is deemed a pest bird in New Zealand. Photos: Bay of Plenty Regional Council Facebook.

People are being asked to report a pest bird spotted in Papamoa on the weekend.

A post on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Facebook page says a Rook was seen around Te Okuroa Drive.

“We need your help to try and locate where this pest bird is roosting.

“Rooks can cause major damage to plants and crops, digging up paddocks in the process.

“If you have seen a rook please note the day and time, where they were, how many your saw, what they were doing (flying, feeding, roosting) and get in touch with us by calling 0800 STOP PESTS (0800 786 773) or emailing


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@ morepork

Posted on 30-10-2020 12:56 | By

HAHAHA that’s hilarious. I crack up laughing everytime I read your post now. Just brilliant.

Best laugh for ages.

Posted on 28-10-2020 17:05 | By morepork

Most people have played the "animal noises" game with little ones: "And the cow goes...?" "Mooo" "And the dog goes...?" "Woof!" "And the magpie goes...?" (wait for it...) "Quardle Oodle Ardle Wardle Doodle!" It’s official, see above.