Padder Tennis Fun Day Hits Mount Maunganui

CEO of Padder Tennis New Zealand Incorporated, Paul Grubi, with children who play Padder Tennis.

A revival of New Zealand’s favourite school playground sport is hitting Mount Maunganui this Labour weekend, and all are welcome to participate for free on the Saturday.

Called Padder Tennis, the sport is making a name for itself with mini-events throughout schools and community open spaces around the country. Many Kiwis will remember the game from the 1980s, and are thrilled it is getting revived.

The Labour Weekend Tournament will be held at Blake Park, next door to the Mount Maunganui tennis club, where seven courts will be set up for the public on Saturday (24th October) and Sunday (25th October).

The Saturday games are geared towards having fun, practicing and registering for the next day, which will be a tournament. Both days will run from 10am to 4pm.

CEO of Padder Tennis New Zealand Incorporated, Paul Grubi, says it is a social, fun and easy to learn sport, where people learn all the basics skills necessary for tennis.

“There will be all ages, from young kids right through to grandparents – it is a very inclusive sport,” says Paul.

As an ex professional tennis coach, Paul saw a lot of kids missing out on tennis because they couldn’t afford it.

“Kids can build up their skills at school for free and this is a pathway through to tennis. I want to see more kids playing tennis, who ordinarily wouldn’t get the chance.

“The schools are loving Padder Tennis and the kids are picking it up really quickly. Unlike tennis when you begin, it is hard to get a rally going, but it is easy in Padder Tennis – this builds confidence in the kids.”

Padder Tennis sponsors of the Labour Weekend event include Babalot, Sals Authentic New York Pizza and Village PR.

Register here for the tournament:

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