Police nab 42 impaired drivers in BOP

The operation was carried out in the weekend. File photo.

Police are disappointed by the results of a road policing operation focused on impaired drivers in the Eastern Bay of Plenty roads.

During the operation, police apprehended 42 impaired drivers.

“This is an alarmingly high number and Police are concerned that people are putting themselves and others at risk,” says Sergeant Mark Holmes.

“A large number of those arrested were travelling along the state highways.”

In one instance, a driver who was travelling from Gisborne to Tauranga had a breath alcohol reading that far exceeded the limit.

As did another driver who was travelling to Northland, says Mark.

Six drivers have had their vehicles impounded.

The legal alcohol limit for a fully licensed driver over 20 is 250mcg per litre of breath.

It's zero limit for those under 20.

"No one should ever get behind a wheel when they are impaired by drugs or alcohol, and no one should get in a vehicle with a driver who is in that state either.

“It’s not worth risking your life.

“When you’re making your plans for going out, make sure they include how you’re getting home.

“Be realistic – if you think you may end up drinking, don’t drive.

“Plan ahead and get a ride from your family or mates, catch a bus, share a cab with friends, or nominate a sober driver for the night.

“Getting home safely is more important than worrying about a cab fare.”

Bay of Plenty Police will continue to be out in force on our roads to ensure everyone gets the message about road safety.


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Road side saliva testing

Posted on 14-10-2020 10:26 | By 2up

The introduction of road side saliva testing is in the proposed Marijuana law reform bill if it wins the yes vote.

Get used to it

Posted on 14-10-2020 10:13 | By Lvdw

If the Cannabis law passes there will be a LOT more impaired drivers on the roads. It is bad enough already having alcohol impaired drivers, more will follow.

@ groutby

Posted on 14-10-2020 08:09 | By

There are saliva tests that show impairment up to 12 hours after consumption, they have them in Australia but so far as I know they have not been implemented in NZ

So tell me then.........

Posted on 13-10-2020 21:19 | By groutby

........what is the test and instant roadside result when testing for..let’s say...Cannabis impairment?.. not easy to answer is it....

Tip of the Iceberg

Posted on 13-10-2020 18:55 | By

This is just who they caught. Not to mention the drugged up drivers. This is New Zealand culture. And to think these dimwits get to vote.