Kiwis urged to work on orchards this summer

NZKGI CEO Nikki Johnson.

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More than 14,500 people will be required on kiwifruit orchards across the Bay of Plenty over the coming summer months to prepare vines for the 2021 season.

This year sees an increase in the opportunity for New Zealanders to work on kiwifruit orchards as the industry grows and border closures from COVID-19 have meant there are less overseas visitors with Working Holiday Visas available, says NZKGI CEO Nikki Johnson.

“The work available on kiwifruit orchards over the coming months is a win-win solution for both the industry and job seekers.

“We are aware that the number of job seekers in the Bay of Plenty have increased substantially since the onset of COVID-19 and we welcome them to join our booming industry.”

Throughout October, people are needed for the thinning of flower buds on kiwifruit vines.

People with the right skills are also required for trunk girdling.

Girdling and bud thinning continues in November and December and more people are required for the pruning of vines and thinning of fruit.

Johnson says the kiwifruit industry offers a great opportunity to work outside in the sunshine as summer approaches.

“It’s a great way for locals to work with one of the Bay of Plenty’s largest economic contributors.”

In 2019, the kiwifruit industry returned over $1.5 billion in direct payments to the Bay of Plenty.

The 14,500 people required for the peak of summer work in the Bay of Plenty is not far off the almost 20,000 people required in the region for picking and packing at the peak of the kiwifruit harvest.

“The work that will take place on orchards until the end of the year is very important to ensure we can harvest good looking, great tasting kiwifruit in 2021.”

Those interested in working on kiwifruit orchards over summer can find a list of employers on the NZKGI Facebook page www.kiwifruitJobsNZ/jobs

General advice on the work available over the coming months is available on the NZKGI website


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Too many lazy locals

Posted on 14-10-2020 10:19 | By Lvdw

They dont want to work. This is the problem. Too easy to just sit around and claim the benefit (yes, yes, I am referring to those on a benefit that CAN work). Good grief, if that was me I would clean toilets if it meant I could get my dignity and life back. Too many beneficiaries could go and find their dignity again, start working their way back into being a contributing member of their community.


Posted on 13-10-2020 20:20 | By Carcass

Its all about labour productivity which is not understood by the industry.The lower the wage rate the more the growers will get.Got it wrong.Work smarter not harder.A fair days work for a fair days pay.Thats N Z"s problem and the Kiwi fruit industry"s and only then will the Kiwis come out of the wood work

no benefit

Posted on 13-10-2020 19:51 | By

if the people on the benefit refuse no benefit, the social welfare system here in New Zealand is rediculas

A way to make it attractive....

Posted on 13-10-2020 14:34 | By

@morepork......a way to make this more attractive would be to stop benefits to those who refuse to take a job in the kiwifruit industry. This way, minimum wage looks way better!!

So, will this billion dollar industry...

Posted on 13-10-2020 12:33 | By morepork

... pay better than minimum wage to encourage people to do what is actually pretty hard physical labor? Importing cheap labor has been the norm; if they want NZers to do it they will need to make it attractive.