Te Maunga: Extra travel time needed this week

Back to school traffic is expected to add to delays at the Te Maunga intersection this week. Image: NZTA

Allow extra time for travel through Te Maunga intersection this week.

That is the message that Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is sending to road users returning from school holidays about significant changes at the Te Maunga junction of State Highway 2 and State Highway 29A.

The new temporary signalised intersection is needed to allow adequate space for construction of the new embankments for the on and off ramps of the new interchange bridge to be built over SH2 as part of the Bay Link project.

Portfolio Delivery Manager Darryl Coalter acknowledges the delays currently being experienced by people travelling through the area and thanks motorists for their patience.

“Waka Kotahi continues to recommend motorists allow extra time for their journeys, travel outside of peak times or consider alternative routes, where possible,” says Darryl.

“With changes of this significance, it can take a few weeks for changes to bed in and for road users to adjust to the new layout. We are continuing to proactively monitor traffic flow and have already made adjustments to the timing of traffic signals where delays have been observed, particularly around SH29A.

“As a result of the feedback we’ve received and reviewing driver behaviour, we are also improving signage - particularly along SH29A - to provide clear guidance about what lanes should be used to enable better movement of traffic.”

Motorists are reminded to reduce speed, follow directions of traffic management staff and signage, and to exercise caution around the rail crossing.

“While the majority of road users have been very patient with the changes and considerate of other road users, there have been some examples of motorists not following the road rules or temporary traffic management signage, resulting in further delays,” says Darryl.

The temporary signalised intersection will be in place while work on the new SH2/SH29A interchange bridge at Te Maunga is underway.

For up to date information on road works, traffic, detours and delays, motorists are encouraged to visit the Waka Kotahi Journey Planner website (

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NZTA Incompetence

Posted on 12-10-2020 15:22 | By Avman

The incompetence is becoming extreme. The new viaduct has been identified as being only half the traffic capacity that it needs to be, so that there will be traffic chaos even when the project is completed. The Underpass was never thought about, so we need to pay millions extra for that too. NZTA never thought to check the foundations carefully, so now it will take 2 years extra to re-design everything. There are massive additional delays now because the NZTA cannot understand that reducing the road capacity of the temporary intersection by around half will cause massive increased congestion, which of course it has. They cannot now tell us even how long this will be in place for, because they simply don’t have a plan. The NZTA is an absolutely incompetent disgrace.