Lime scooters to be trialled in Tauranga

Hours of operation will be 5am to 12am (midnight) seven days a week, with an earlier curfew of 10pm on Friday and Saturday in downtown Mount Maunganui and the city centre.

Lime scooters will be hitting the streets of Tauranga later this month as part of a 12-month trial approved by Council.

Tauranga City Council is looking at a number of ways it can provide communities with more ways to move around the city and it believes micro-mobility platforms like Lime scooters as an attractive option for some in the city.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell says a trial will help measure uptake and gather feedback to see if e-scooter sharing platforms were compatible with the wider community’s interests before committing long-term.

“E-scooters present another alternative mode of transport for our city, but only if people are keen to use them. A trial will allow us to measure usage and whether people feel safe using the scooters, or sharing footpaths and roads with them.

“We will be working closely with Lime to monitor compliance and over the course of the trial, the public will be also be asked to provide feedback. By the end of the 12 months we’ll be in a good position to know if they’re a fit for the city.”

Lime scooters currently operate in more than 100 cities around the world including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

They will be permitted to use a total of 400 e-scooters but will start with 200 spread over Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and the city centre.

The scooters will be able to be ridden all over Tauranga. However, geofencing technology will automatically reduce speeds in certain areas to make it safer for users and pedestrians.

Speeds will be limited to 15km/h in the city centre, Greerton Village, and downtown Mount Maunganui.

The scooters will not be able to be ridden on Mauao trails, cemeteries or on unsealed paths in council parks and reserves.

Hours of operation will be 5am to 12am (midnight) seven days a week, with an earlier curfew of 10pm on Friday and Saturday in downtown Mount Maunganui and the city centre.

According to Lime’s terms and conditions, anyone aged 18 or older can use the e-scooters and users will be able to find and unlock them using an app on their phone.

An official launch date will be announced by Lime later in the week.

For more information visit the following links:
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Posted on 09-10-2020 13:29 | By morepork

...has shown that these scooters, when ridden by irresponsible and thoughtless people, cause injury and damage which is a drain on our resources. We are not devoid of irresponsible and thoughtless people, nor are we devoid of foolish self-centred people who only see themselves (TCC...), so the risks have to be balanced against the plus of clean, cheap, transport. For me, it is easy: I won’t get hit by a scooter if I stay in my car...


Posted on 08-10-2020 19:27 | By dumbkof2

these scooters will be no problem in devonport road as there are no pedestrians there

No. Just, No.

Posted on 08-10-2020 17:52 | By

The Auckland "pilot" was a disaster. Sober riders fell off and were badly injured like former TVNZ presenter Tim Wilson. What is wrong with using a Bike that has a bell, lights, reflecters and working brakes that don’t launch you over the handle-bars? How will you keep pedestrians safe from collision injuries? We don’t need to increase hazards and put people in hospital nor for ACC levies to go up in this Covid pandemic economic climate.


Posted on 07-10-2020 21:47 | By

Sure there’ll be some dickheads but what a great idea. I’ll certainly use them. I drive to my business but this will save many multiple car drives during the day. Looking forward to it. Hope helmets will be compulsory . . . like they are on bicycles . . .


Posted on 07-10-2020 19:23 | By

Sorry but as a pedestrian who already takes his life in his hands due to the maniac cyclists of all ages who ride at speed on their racetracks, err sorry I should have said pavements, I for one am not looking forward to this.


Posted on 07-10-2020 19:15 | By Johnney

All we read about these scooters in other centres were problems with irresponsible riders. Going to have the same issues here. Hope they are banned from boardwalks. We have enough cyclists using them when we have already provided bike lanes on the road. Tauranga is not immune to idiots.

You must be joking

Posted on 07-10-2020 17:18 | By

Well! How many more decisions are this dreadful council going to make? Rubbish collection, Lime scooters!! Stop wasting our money and get the consensus of the public honestly. I think you are a shocking council. Diana


Posted on 07-10-2020 17:17 | By Kancho

There was a large increase in injuries in Auckland and subsequent load on hospitals and ACC claims. Not just people falling off but also innocent pedestrians. Maybe fun, maybe good for some to get around but the other side is the injuries and cost. Guess poor taxpayers and hospital staff to the rescue and people getting their elective surgery postponed to fix up to hapless pedestrians and riders


Posted on 07-10-2020 16:18 | By

It says everything about the decrepit health system that people cannot get seen by consultants or get funding for life saving drugs, yet some idiot falls off a scooter because they are reliving their youth and ACC throws money at them. Unbelievable. They are stupid and from what I have seen in Auckland 90% of users are complete ignorant ars***les.

Great Idea

Posted on 07-10-2020 14:55 | By Riddick

Lime Scooters are a great idea, they worked well in Auckland despite drunken idiots falling of them, I used them when up there and they’re a great way to get around the city, cheap too and no parking woes. The council had better get onto building the new cycle/walkway track down Totara Street as these will be a great way to zoom between the Mount and Tauranga cities. I hope this helps get locals on both sides of the bridge out of cars, sadly most in this town seem content to sit in traffic and complain about it rather than get out of their cars and onto alternative transport like bikes or the myriad of other electric personal transport alternatives like electric skateboards or scooters etc