Community landmarks across NZ to be renovated

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Town halls, war memorials and other community landmarks across the country will be renovated thanks to grants totalling just under $12.4 million from the Provincial Growth Fund.

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones says more than 1000 jobs are expected to be created during the renovation programme.

"Town halls, other facilities and war memorials are an integral part of any community and many of them in the regions have fallen into disrepair.

"People in the regions should have facilities and memorials they can be proud of and which reflect the communities they are in. This huge programme of works will ensure these facilities are in a good condition and fit for purpose. This will reap huge benefits and gives people renewed pride in where they live.

"At the same time jobs will be created for local tradies and contractors displaced by the economic impact of COVID-19. Although many of the jobs will be short-term, workers will typically be involved in a number of different projects in their region.”

In total, 37 applications involving 97 individual projects have been approved across 14 regions.

Otago, the West Coast and Canterbury are the areas with the most projects approved. The other regions are the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Chatham Islands, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, Northland, Hawke’s Bay, Top of the South, and Manawatu-Whanganui. 

"Applicants have had to show that their project is important to the community, they can start construction activity immediately, and will rapidly create jobs and income growth," Jones says.

The money for the renovation of town halls and war memorials was earmarked in May as part of at least $600 million refocused on projects with more immediate jobs and economic benefits as part of the COVID-19 recovery.

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Posted on 02-10-2020 13:19 | By morepork

"Stop spending all this money, its got to be paid back!!!" No, it doesn’t. This is Government funding, budgeted from Government funds, and it is a tiny drop in the bucket against the backdrop of overall Government spending. PGF is intended to stimulate growth in the provinces and 1000 jobs is part of that. But even if it weren’t, I’d still like to see these landmarks maintained. It won’t mean much to the rising generation perhaps, but there are still a few of us who lost people in the War(s) and who don’t want to see Kiwis who made the ultimate sacrifice on foreign fields, disrespected. This is a good move at all levels.


Posted on 30-09-2020 12:24 | By overit

Stop spending all this money, its got to be paid back!!!

Sorry, but nothing wrong with the idea

Posted on 29-09-2020 20:43 | By The Caveman

BUT - $12.4 million - where did that number come from? I.E. How was it decided?? Looks like another ELECTION BRIBE to me.!!!!