Council appoints Code of Conduct Committee

The appointments were made at a public-excluded section of a council meeting on Tuesday.

Tauranga City Council has confirmed the appointment of a panel of six people who can be called upon to form a three-person committee to consider the outcome of any elected member Code of Conduct breach.

The appointments of Lara Burkhardt, Andrew Green, Vanessa Hamm, Rhys Harrison QC, Richard Marchant and Sue Tindal were confirmed in a public-excluded section of a council meeting on Tuesday.

Chief Executive Marty Grenfell had been delegated the responsibility of shortlisting potential candidates and approaching them to confirm their availability.

“The appointments to the panel will ensure we have a multi-skilled team available to oversee any Code of Conduct issues,” says Grenfell.

“Each person brings distinct skills and perspectives to the committee and collectively, they offer a wealth of experience.”

The committee has been set up to hear and decide on complaints under the council’s Code of Conduct, which is a set of standards the mayor and councillors have agreed to work to in the course of their duties.

The six panel members will work as a ‘pool’, with three to be chosen to consider each complaint, based on their availability and the nature of the complaint.

Appointees will be reimbursed for their time only when complaints are heard.

The term of the appointments is three years.

The appointments come after the Council adopted a proactive response to a Department of Internal Affairs request that the Council provide evidence that it was taking steps to “restore trust and confidence” in its ability to meet the Crown’s expectations of a high-performing council.

Last week, a Review and Observer Team was established to provide support, guidance and assistance to ensure that elected members can work together, make effective decisions, and address any behaviours which might affect their decision-making on behalf of the city.

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What an embarrasment.

Posted on 11-09-2020 11:15 | By

I know how these working groups and advisory roles look to me...Money for mates. Bonus money for the wealthy segment of society.

@terry hall.

Posted on 10-09-2020 12:36 | By morepork

Your sensible suggestion seems to be what most of us are coming to. There is unlikely to be any significant behavior change, the "observers" are a shameful and costly reminder that the incumbents don’t even have the integrity to resign, and we have a course of action voted by the people who are at fault, so they can cling on to the gravy train that we are paying for. They SHOULD go, but they won’t, and we can’t make them until there is an election. We can’t even prevent them from starting new unnecessary or non-essential schemes. The FACT is that we elected them. (I know... I voted for 10B). Now we have to grin and bear it until elections.

Choo choo

Posted on 10-09-2020 09:59 | By

Gravy train. More money wasted on babysitters.

OMG !!

Posted on 09-09-2020 21:13 | By groutby

....even MORE people appointed to oversee the kindy capers...this has gone from stupid to outrageous!..


Posted on 09-09-2020 17:31 | By Taffy

How many more do they want?Have they tried WWW ,even the dark web.Better still send a message via NASA to the dark reaches of the Universe!!!!!

I sure hope

Posted on 09-09-2020 16:15 | By nerak

they don’t actually get called upon, I know the eye watering fee at least one of them charges!

Committee members

Posted on 09-09-2020 15:00 | By davidt5

Cannot help but notice that these chosen people are all wealthy and hardly need these extra gratuities.

get rid

Posted on 09-09-2020 14:06 | By

bloody disgraceful, that’s 143 years of my rate money, for what just to keep a bunch of baboon’s under control, the government should step in now and take over till we can vote a new lot.