Mount trial consultation process now closed

An artist’s impression of what Pilot Bay would look like during the trial. Supplied image.

Tauranga City Council has received more than 1300 pieces of feedback in the first round of consultation on ‘Innovating Streets in The Mount’, which is now closed.

During this consultation round, council wanted to understand the community’s position on trialling changes to street layouts to make busy Mount streets safer and more enjoyable.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell is greatly appreciative at the time and effort the community has put into sharing their input and ideas.

“It’s fantastic that so many people have taken the time to have their say, ensuring their views are considered.

“Besides receiving a substantial amount of completed feedback forms, we had a great response with people visiting our stall on Saturday and many shared their views with us while we walked the streets.

“All of that feedback will now be analysed to identify common themes to help guide the Community Design Group.”

The feedback will be summarised for the Community Design Group to use during three workshops between the end of September and November.

There they will work closely with council staff and consultant designers to develop design options for any changes to streets.

The summary of the feedback will provide valuable insights into which routes the public feels should be selected for the trial, as well as what kind of changes could be tested.

Applications for the design group are now also closed. Applicants will be clustered into different categories, such as residents or business owners.

With a local NZ Police representative as a witness, council will then randomly select people from each category to join the Community Design Group, allowing for up to 24 members.

This will contribute to a good mix of community members, while ensuring that people who are for and against any changes are represented.

Regular updates following the Community Design Group workshops will be posted on the project web page to allow people to stay up-to-date.

The web page also offers the opportunity to sign up to a regular digital newsletter.
Next steps:

November 2020
Round two of community feedback: share design options and find out what the community thinks.

December 2020
-Finalise a design supported by the community that can be set up as a trial.

March 2021
-Set up trial.

After April 2021
-Round three of community feedback: once the trial is set up, evaluate how the community feels about any changes.


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How come

Posted on 09-09-2020 10:36 | By Kancho

Well Greerton didn’t get a trial run and never heard about consultation with the community, but maybe they did. However it affected everyone passing through on a major traffic route too. Still perhaps the lesson is for the community to get stuck into the process to avoid another permanent set in concrete over schedule over budget no improvement experiment called Greerton folly.