Tauranga’s return to racing is without spectators

Once again horse racing in Tauranga will be without spectators. Supplied image.

The return to horse racing at Tauranga this Saturday will be behind closed doors.

Level 2 means that no spectators, sponsors or owners will be present which is a real disappointment to the club, says general manager Louise Dean.

The club has  been planning this day for sometime, resurrecting Kiwifruit Cup Day which was cancelled due to lockdown in June, says Louise.

“All our sponsors from the June Kiwifruit Cup Day were coming and all the corporate lounges were going to be full plus we had also re programmed our ‘Punter of The Year’ competition with nearly 50 teams entered.”

Racing Tauranga raced under the same lock down rules back in March for their prestigious Japan Trophy Day, and haven’t raced since.

“I feel sorry for the all our members and race goers who after six months were looking forward to a days racing, but they will now have to wait until September 30th, says Louise.

Security will be strict at the race course on Saturday with only jockeys, trainers and essential workers able to access the course.

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without spectators?

Posted on 26-08-2020 11:30 | By Mein Fuhrer

How ridiculous this Covid-19 fear has become, outside is the best place to be, especially in a region that has not had any recorded transmissions of this "tricky virus", and our "team of 5 mil" have apparently "got this". more like a scamdemic of epidemic proportions.