Seeking community input for Mount streets trial

Council is asking the community if these routes should be included in the trial and if there are other routes to consider. Image: Tauranga City Council.

Tauranga City Council is seeking feedback about a trial to test temporary changes to street layouts in Mount Maunganui north.

The first of three rounds of community feedback for the project ‘Innovating Streets at The Mount’ is open from August 19 to September 7.
Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell says the project is a great opportunity to try innovative, temporary solutions at The Mount, which have been co-designed with the community.

“It's very difficult to understand what effect changes in street layouts can have on you just by looking at a drawing.

"A significant benefit of this approach is that people can experience proposed street changes in real-life, while there is flexibility to fine-tune elements of the trial during its lifespan, especially looking at effects on traffic and parking.”

“The co-design aspect of this project is extremely important to us. We want to understand the needs and priorities of the users of these streets before we do anything," says Mount Maunganui / Papamoa Ward Councillor Dawn Kiddie.

"Apart from providing the opportunity for people to provide feedback online, we are setting up a Community Design Group with approximately 20 community representatives.

"They will help develop and guide the plan, to make sure that multiple interests and viewpoints are heard and considered.”

Fellow Ward Councillor Steve Morris says The Mount is an iconic and hugely popular destination, so they need to ensure that the Innovating Streets trial considers the needs of all users.

"There has been a lot of discussion about a one-way system. That could be one of the solutions, but nothing has been decided yet and there are many other potential options we could trial, such as focusing on street art, signage or alternative parking layouts.”

The Mount trial is being supported through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets pilot fund. $1m + (ex GST) has been set aside for the temporary works identified through the co-design process, of which Waka Kotahi is funding 90% and Tauranga City Council 10 per cent.

To understand how council and the community can make The Mount safer, more accessible and more attractive, council needs to know:
1. How easy and safe you feel moving around The Mount?
2. Which routes should be included in the trial?
3. What do you think we should change and what should we keep?
Four popular routes in The Mount have been identified where changes could be tested to street layout: Main Beach, Pilot Bay, Banks/Salisbury Avenue, and Marine Parade between Banks Avenue and Tay Street.

Feedback can be submitted at Or people can visit the Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park, Mount Maunganui Library, Mount Hot Pools and Baywave to pick up a print copy of the form, or call council at (07) 577 7000.

For more information about the project, to submit feedback or to apply to be a member of the Community Design Group, visit

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Prior fixes a disaster

Posted on 20-08-2020 17:12 | By Angels

Letting our planning committees do this is more than scary. From Greerton, welcome bay etc. whatever they try to fix gets worse. Bike riders and pedestrians rule. Forget traffic and any flow. Bike riding greenies running the planning. Only when we go careless they will they be happy.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 20-08-2020 15:20 | By

What a great opportunity to waste more of BOTH taxpayers money AND rate-payers money...The only question is....Why did we vote this guy in? *Hangs head in shame* My guess is the others appeared worse and we thought Tenby was unfortunately the best option available....

Self serving

Posted on 19-08-2020 06:24 | By

Managers and designers on $100k+ sat twiddling their thumbs have to dream up new schemes to justify their job. Then of course our contractor mates have to keep being supplied with nice juicy contracts. Sounds a lot like what passes for corruption in many parts of the world.

Consider This

Posted on 18-08-2020 13:59 | By

’Consider This

Leave it alone

Posted on 18-08-2020 13:21 | By usandthem

Why do they call it temporary changes when the intention is to make it permanent?The council seems to be more interested in bowing to the likes of the Mount cycling group with the support of councillor Heidi Hughes.There are ample cycle tracks around this city but it seems these self-centred cycling groups are never satisfied.How can we trust this council to get anything right after the fiascos with the Phoenix carpark and Greerton roadworks stuffups?

Leave it as it is

Posted on 18-08-2020 12:07 | By

Tauranga City Council are so out of touch with what their Rate Payers want it’s unfunny. Lets look at their recent track record to see why no one wants them to touch the Mount: 1) Greerton Roading Project 2) Phoenix Car Park 3) Welcome Bay Underpass 4) City Centre Car Park Why is no one accountable for these failed projects & why haven’t they been rectified before going ahead with any other projects. What we need is People Power to show a No Confidence vote in our Council, Mayor & Councillors who are ruining our beautiful city. They seem to be wasting millions of dollars on unfulfilled projects, and the cost for consultants & contracts awarded to contractors needs to be reviewed as these costs are extortionate and way beyond what normal people would pay. Vote No Confidence & lets start getting positive pro-active people in place.


Posted on 18-08-2020 11:59 | By

What a great idea. Get people out and about and a lot more family friendly. One way all the way! Will always be objectors. Probably the same people that opposed the walkway but use it everyday now.

Whose idea is it?

Posted on 18-08-2020 11:57 | By Accountable

If it ain’t broken why try to fix it? If Council wants something to fix there is now a decrepit parking building in the CBD that is desperately needed to rectify a huge parking shortage. Start building another one now rather than stuff up the Pilot Bay area unnecessarily.


Posted on 18-08-2020 11:52 | By red

Good to see them thinking of alternatives for the Mount, but feels like they are doing it for themselves. How about pedestrianising the main high street on Maunganui Road, from Pacific Ave roundabout up to Banks Ave roundabout for a few days of the week... then at least you don’t have to eat with car fumes on your food and the restaurants and cafes could spread out onto the road. More relaxed environment and more people catered for!

Hey Mr Mayor???

Posted on 18-08-2020 11:19 | By Bruja

How’s about concentrating on something HUGE like the fact that parts of Pilot Bay are falling into the sea!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Go take a look near to the toilet block midway along where the ’bank’ is at it’s highest. Completely scoured out by either harbour or rainfall....though the second is very very unlikely...... THAT is where your attention should be focussed. I was told yesterday by a staff member that Council’s plan is to do NOTHING about it!!!!!! Answer please? Thank you.

Leave the streets alone!

Posted on 18-08-2020 11:18 | By Equality

There is nothing wrong with the streets just as they are! They are not ’broken’ - there is nothing to ’fix’ If they must spend some money - and ratepayers are not paying the majority of the cost - then go and put the Greerton stuff up back how it was originally.

One Way System

Posted on 18-08-2020 09:39 | By

Is just one solution being considered. Solution to what? Solution to making another big stuff up. Is it so Cameron Road Greerton doesn’t feel lonely and inferior to other roads. Why are you even considering fixing what is not broken? What are the accident stats for this area that it needs to be made safer? As you say, it’s already iconic, so leave it alone. The best improvement you could do for this area is to keep your hands off it and throw the idiotic plans away.


Posted on 18-08-2020 09:35 | By rogue

Could someone at Council grow a pair & leave everything as it is. You’ve already done damage at Greerton & the Mount Phoenix carpark. In fact, how about undoing previous cock ups. Make it mandatory for new builds to park their cars on their property instead of on the road. Reinstate carparks at the beach, remove "bus stops" along the marine parade which waste other parks. And for gods sake DON’T push this one way thing, all I see is even more bottle necks at the beach this summer.

One Question

Posted on 18-08-2020 09:26 | By