Solar Winter comes to an end

Ultimately, Mother Nature decides when winter truly ends, says Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

The solar winter is over - that's the three months of the year with the least amount of available sunlight.

The shortest day of the year (or winter solstice) was June 21. Six weeks either side of that date has the shortest days (least amount of available sunlight).

That means the solar winter this year ended around August 2.

Many people have told they have noticed the extra daylight both in the morning and evening.

"As we go into September the days get longer faster than any other month, roughly gaining an extra 20 minutes of sunlight every week.

"Despite an early spring weather pattern forming this year we're not finished with wintry weather, with more frosts and snow coming.

"In fact, this week is another spring-like week with temperatures by day a few to several degrees above normal - but the nights swinging the other way, going below normal with frosty weather in the South Island."

  •   •  The Solar Winter this year ended on August 2

  •   •  The Meteorological Winter ends on August 31

  •   •  The Astronomical Winter ends on September 23 this year

  •   •  Mother Nature, of course has the ultimate decision

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