Trust teaches Kiwis that it is easy being green

A previous hui. Supplied image.

Landcare and sustainability groups are being encouraged to attend the annual Bay of Plenty Regional Environment Network Hui.

Groups and individuals have the chance to learn from each other during this year’s hui through a range of speakers, breakout sessions and field trips.

Attendees will visit Otanewainuku and Maketu Spit to experience the efforts of local care groups.

The event’s theme is Kaitiakitanga; ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata, when the land is well, the people will be well. 

Speakers include Elva Conroy and Dean Flavell from Makahae Marae – Kaitiakitanga in Action and Shaun Ryan from The Cacophony Project - developing open source technology for bird and predator monitoring and control.

This year’s conference also includes a Climate Change and Kaitiakitanga Panel Discussion, a Rongoa Maori quiz and breakout sessions surrounding community conservation and nature education.

The one-day event, organisied by by Envirohub and NZ Landcare Trust, will be held on Saturday August 22 from 9.30am to 2pm at The Orchard in Te Puke.

The event is $10 per person with lunch and morning tea provided. To register for the event, visit the website.

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Not really

Posted on 12-08-2020 18:45 | By Kancho

Being green is not easy at all it takes a lot of thought and effort . A lot of recycling doesn’t actually happen once it leaves on trucks , plastics are still everywhere, expendable clothing electronics is rife and whilst it maybe makes one feel one is doing something it’s really fairly pathetic. Recycling and being green is a rich country adopted angst. Most of the world’s population struggle to live and being green isn’t either possible nor practiced. World population will hugely increase and probably double in a few decades so resources and climate will be hugely stressed so any effort of will be swamped . But feeling good playing green is an illusion ..but hey good luck with that , load up the trucks

I wonder if these groups know?

Posted on 12-08-2020 11:43 | By groutby

.....that most people are ’green’ to one extent or’s when crazy and unrealistic expectations and timesframes are imposed by way of threat...that makes most shy away from openly supporting ’green’ policies, and we know which political areas that comes from. Talking to, and not at, would be much more successful I suspect......