Lowest ever public service gender pay gap

Minister for Women Julie-Anne Genter. Photo: File/SunLive.

Women who work in the Public Service are becoming more fairly paid, thanks to the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan delivering on government’s commitment to women.

The Gender Pay Gap Acton Plan Progress Report was released today by Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter.

“Gender equity matters now more than ever - women, particularly non-European women, are more impacted by the labour market effects of pandemics and economic downturns.

As we rebuild after COVID-19, our commitment to gender equity in the Public Service remains firm - the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan provides a framework for delivering on this commitment, and has achieved big gains for women in a short time,” Genter says.

“Today we are marking the biggest drop on the public service gender pay gap in 17 years.

“The Action Plan has been a real team effort between the Public Service, employers and unions, especially the PSA, which has enabled rapid progress, and I want to thank everyone who had a part to play in reaching this milestone.”

The latest data from the annual Public Service Workforce Data Report, shows that the Public Service gender pay gap fell from 12.2 per cent in 2018 to 10.5 per cent in 2019.

The Action Plan creates a model for other employers to learn from, so they can tackle their gender pay gaps – by measuring their gaps, enabling flexible work, equalising starting salaries, ensuring equal pay for the same jobs, and developing women for senior and higher paid roles.

“We now have a good understanding of what works and what challenges need to be overcome to close gender pay gaps – the Public Service is getting its own house in order and by doing this, creates an example for other employers in New Zealand,” says Genter.

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Gender Equality

Posted on 24-07-2020 07:55 | By

I do not understand employers who pay women less than men. That is appalling and disrespectful. However, I also do not believe we ’need’ more women as CEOs, Managers etc. When I employ staff I want the best person for that position. If that is a woman, so be it, if it is a man, so be it. Exactly the same pay offer is on the table. I would not even entertain the thought of paying someone less on gender. To those employers that are - ABSOLUTE SHAME ON YOU.

It would be interesting.........

Posted on 23-07-2020 20:15 | By groutby break down the figures of what ’types’ of jobs are now seen to be ’equal’ wouldn’t it?.. The public service of course is the easiest group to rely on to’ conform’...they will do as asked by their controllers and the money is easy to obtain..yup from the tax/rate payer, not actually earn’t at all. I have no problem with ’equal pay for equal work’ in fact bring it on!, how many brickies, scaffolders, heavy trades people are not, at this point I know there are some and truly I salute you!)...or does JulieAnne Genter pick and choose who does what along with the reward? One day, I hope soon, it will be realised that patronising one group alone does not build self esteem in any way.