Driving complaint helps save woman’s life

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“They’re coming to save me, I’m going to be ok.” This is what went through a driver’s mind when she looked in her rear vision mirror and saw red and blue flashing lights.

It all unfolded when police responded to a driving complaint called in by two members of the public.

A vehicle was seen all over the road and failing to maintain its lane on June 29, says a post on the Waikato Police Facebook page.

“The officer stopped the vehicle at Riverlea and immediately noticed that the driver was having a medical emergency.

“The constable called for an ambulance which transported the driver to Waikato Hospital.”

The driver was rushed straight to theatre for emergency surgery and spent the next two days in intensive care.

“The officer went to visit her a couple of days later, when speaking to the doctors, was advised that there had been an eight minute window with which to get the driver into theatre otherwise she would not be with us today, that’s how gravely ill she was.

“The driver recalls looking in her rearview mirror and seeing the patrol lights coming down the hill behind her and knowing that they were for her and thinking to herself “they are coming to save me, I’m going to be ok”.

“If it wasn’t for those two members of the public phoning in the driving complaint there is a good chance that the driver would not be with us today.

“Both informants have been phoned by the officer to thank them.”


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