Convicted murderer absconds from youth facility

Police enquiries are continuing to locate Haami Hanara. Photo: NZ Police.

Police are continuing to hunt for a 16-year-old convicted murderer, who took off from a youth facility in Auckland on Saturday.

Haami Hanara, along with another young person, were being held at Korowai Manaaki, a South Auckland youth justice facility managed by Oranga Tamariki, when they absconded after dark.

Hanara was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering a man in 2018 when Hanara was only 14 years old.

“A number of enquiries were initiated by police once we were notified of this event occurring,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Albie Alexander.

“We want to reassure our communities that every effort is being made to locate these individuals.

“Our enquiries have been ongoing across a number of policing districts since Saturday and will remain in place until we locate Hanara.”

Hanara has known friends and family in Whakatane, Counties Manukau, Hamilton, Flaxmere, Hastings and Whanganui.

Albie says anyone who may be assisting Hanara in evading police are warned that they could face criminal charges themselves.

“My message to Hanara is to do the right thing and hand yourself in to the nearest Police station.

“We are continuing to urge anyone who may encounter Hanara to not approach him and instead call 111 immediately.”

Alternatively if you have information on his whereabouts you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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Posted on 10-07-2020 11:57 | By morepork

I considered your response and I think it comes down to how WE perceive "justice". The prison system is not there to provide vengeance but victims can feel aggrieved if perpetrators are not "punished". The case in point happened because someone was slack, and for that I blame the Management. But you are correct that the REAL responsibility lies with the people who commit the crimes... we need to get some minds changed and, in the meantime, keep them off the streets. Like you, I applaud our Police and prison officers, doing a very difficult job and generally being reviled and abused for it. Attitudes need to change.


Posted on 08-07-2020 22:02 | By

We do not want to dehumanize people and the blame for the offence lies squarely with those responsible. Most prison officers are doing a great job in extremely trying circumstances but there are, like in a lot of big organizations those that are also corrupt and there but by the Grace of God goes them.

@ Morepork

Posted on 08-07-2020 21:57 | By

I hear you and I agree with most of what you say. It certainly is not about revenge. The punishment is prison however getting paid to lie on your bed watching tv is not rehabilitation in this case either. If they don’t want to do their rehabilitative course then they don’t have to and instead they can get paid to lie in their bed watching tv taking note of the ’comedy’ Police 10.7, taking notes as to what works and what doesn’t, discussing it with ’mates’ in the morning. This is not rehabilitative and realistically not punishment although their freedom is restrictive at the most. Some do the courses merely to jump through the hoops and get out quicker. Prison works for a very limited handful - which admittedly is better than none but certainly not justice for most.

Dank, dark, dungeons...

Posted on 08-07-2020 12:51 | By morepork

... didn’t work. What do you want from prison? Revenge? Punishment? All pretty pointless unless it reduces crime. Hanging people and flogging them didn’t reduce crime, so why should you worry if an inmate chooses to lie on a bed all day? The real goal of prison is to make the community more secure (by removing obvious threats) and to try and get people to change their minds about being criminals (rehabilitation). The main deterrent to crime is the removal of freedom. Most people take it for granted until they lose it, and that realization can happen whether they are lying on a bed or working in a workshop. We should never "dehumanize" prisoners; doing that diminishes us, not them. This kid will be caught and the incompetence that allowed his escape will, hopefully, be corrected. Don’t blame the prisons and the system; blame those responsible... Managemen

@ Sandyshirl

Posted on 06-07-2020 21:58 | By

If what you say is correct then we do not have any secure jails in NZ. To say that our criminal justice system is a joke however is spot on right. In NZ prisons if inmates don’t want to work they don’t have to. They are paid a little less for lying on their bed all day watching tv, looking for so-called prospects, eating the free meals with a roof over their head . . . and the majority of them don’t care. Yeap, that’s justice.

Life means being able to ESCAPE

Posted on 06-07-2020 16:30 | By Sandyshirl

This is absolutely ridiculous. This kid murdered a child. What sort of jail is he in. Looks like a home detention. If it was a secure jail there is no way he could have escaped. The poor family of the child murdered. They must be absolutely beside them selves. This is just so disgusting. Our Criminal Justice system etc in NZ is a joke.