‘Mushroom plume’ near Motiti concerning residents

Motiti Island. File image/SunLve.

A white mushroom shaped plume in the ocean near Otaiti Reef is concerning residents of Motiti Island, who fear it is pollution from the Rena Wreck.

Motiti resident Rangi Butler saw the plume while walking her dog yesterday. She says it is a big white circle with a line of it trickling towards the hole in the rock on Motiti.

Rangi says every time there is a storm or bad weather, something comes ashore from the Rena.

A decision made by the Environment Court and Bay of Plenty Regional Council means the contents of hull five and six of the Rena have been left there, she says.

“It's been nine years and our fearful thing is the fact that it could break open one day and pollute our kaimoana.

“We look to the sea for food.”

Rangi would like to see the wreck removed from the reef to ensure further pollution does not occur.

“I would like to see them reverse their decision and get rid of the damn thing.”

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has released a statement about the plume, says at around 3pm on Thursday, July 2, BOPRC staff were notified of a possible event near Otaiti (Astrolabe) Reef, the statement says.

“Staff were told a white plume had been observed in the water near the reef, however adverse weather conditions at the time hampered further investigation.

“This morning a flight took place over Otaiti Reef and it has been reported to Bay of Plenty Regional Council that no obvious white plume or discharge is present.

“The regional council compliance team remain on standby and are continuing to follow up this report with residents on Motiti Island.”

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OMG !!

Posted on 03-07-2020 19:28 | By groutby

....and this EVEN BEFORE we get the vote to legalise cannabis or not...imagine the ’sightings’ afterwards if we do!! We (as payers of such request) somehow need to stop the costly investigation of such stuff and use our money wisely.....we also know the marine life is flourishing around the area, there does NOT appear to be a problem..why look for one?

hang on a minute

Posted on 03-07-2020 16:04 | By old trucker

Gosh this is terrible,dial 911 and tell someone that gives a toss,how much did it cost to send someone out to look, for crying out loud , have they over there got nothing else better to do than worry about a cloud,not long ago i saw a complete cloud ring around the Mount,that bought me GOOD LUCK cause i won a $5.00 scratchy, thats all Thankyou Sunlive, who happens to be the BEST News,10-4 out, phew.


Posted on 03-07-2020 15:54 | By dumbkof2

i think it was just caused by a lot of over fed constipated fish


Posted on 03-07-2020 13:20 | By Lone Star

Here we go