Innovating Streets project for Mount Maunganui

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell has welcomed the announcement of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency support for an innovative trial of temporary road and cycleway changes in Mount Maunganui.

Powell says community involvement will be a vital part of the trial, which will involve working with interested groups and individuals.

“This initiative helps to deliver on our goals of creating a vibrant city that is easy and safe to get around.

“The whole point of the exercise is for the community to be able to test temporary changes to a highly-used cycling and pedestrian environment, not only to improve road safety, but to create spaces people will enjoy.”

He says the council will work with affected parties to maximise positive benefits and minimise concerns.

Once implemented, the temporary changes would be monitored throughout the trial to establish what was working well.

Key features of the project will be to test a separated cruiseway along Marine Parade and Pilot Bay and improve safety and amenity at the Tay Street/Marine Parade intersection.

“If the community likes the outcomes and wants them to be permanent, we can then look to develop a project to make that a reality.”

Waka Kotahi’s Innovating Streets pilot fund will contribute 90 per cent of the estimated project cost of close to $1 million.

Waka Kotahi Urban Mobility Programme Manager Kathryn King says the fund supports quick, low-cost interim improvements that create more people-friendly spaces in our neighbourhoods.

“By using a ‘tactical urbanism’ approach to test what works for communities, we can create attractive, vibrant places that make space for people and help to support local businesses. We’re pleased to support this project through the Innovating Streets pilot fund.”

Project timeframes have yet to be confirmed, but it’s anticipated that any works involved would be completed by June 30, 2021.

To register your interest in this project, email

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Posted on 27-06-2020 17:45 | By Accountable

Have the authorities apportioned blame in this fatal accident and I believe there were no charges laid by the police in the previous fatal? We all must take responsibility for our own safety and stop relying on others to blame for our own mistakes. Otherwise we will have to live in a very constipated city if everybody had their way because everybody makes mistakes and every circumstance is impossible to regulate against.

Safety first

Posted on 27-06-2020 12:01 | By PragmaticMikeSays

@ Murray Guy - only a couple of weeks ago a cyclist riding legally along Totara Street was killed by a truck. I’ve had several punctures on that stretch of road, the rail crossings are very dodgy and the amount of traffic is growing by the month. There’s a great cycle route from Pilot Bay to Tauranga, with most parts of it relatively safe, except for Totara Street. Knocking the Mayor and Council for trying to improve safety for everyone is not cool, and in most cases cyclists are ratepayers too. Be kind.

Great news

Posted on 27-06-2020 11:53 | By PragmaticMikeSays

As a ratepayer, vehicle owner and regular cyclist, I welcome this move and hope it will be a success. The Mount is such a dangerous place to ride, with drivers paying attention to finding a parking spot and often drifting into the cycle lanes. I was knocked off my bike a couple of years ago in that exact scenario. Regarding the Tay Street/Marine Parade intersection, all that’s required is for the Stop sign to be respected and policed. It’s only a dangerous intersection because impatient and idiotic drivers try and jump in to find a gap, and treat the command STOP as a guideline requiring no more than a slight slowing of speed. Share the road, people, we’re all in this together remember.


Posted on 27-06-2020 11:44 | By Avman

"If the community likes the outcomes and wants them to become permanent"? Really, are Council trying to suggest that they are actually going to consider the views of their ratepayers? If they are, it would be a first! Even if there is 100% public opposition, they will certainly still go ahead with it. "Tactical Urbanism" is a sad joke, it always involves putting in a "trial" which destroys road access, and is never allowed to be removed, under threat of violent protests.


Posted on 26-06-2020 10:45 | By

doubt the same out come as to the drunk idiot that designed the board walk

Not again

Posted on 25-06-2020 11:33 | By Told you

Another pampering of cyclists, the money spent in Totara st. is an obscene amount on a minority group, there is far more pressing issues in Tauranga than a cycleway.


Posted on 25-06-2020 08:59 | By Taffy

Agree,just one small point. 10B & Baldrick - I am convinced they think they are TCC answer to Penn & Teler can conjure up funds as if by magic but in reality just screw the ratepayer!


Posted on 24-06-2020 17:26 | By

Where does the other $100k+ come from if this ‘fund’ covers 90%? It can’t be TCC because they are insolvent and I didn’t see it in the plan?

Temporary ?

Posted on 24-06-2020 17:05 | By Kancho

Temporary trial beware and speak up if it’s no good . Mind you I remember complaints about Greerton village and some bright person directing the work said it was a trial and could be altered or tweaked. Haha set in concrete literally and generally considered a backward step at great cost and disruption to make things worse.

Thanks but no thanks unless ...

Posted on 24-06-2020 16:02 | By Murray.Guy

With regret I am far from confident in any so-called innovative works that involves selective consultation and Tauranga City Council Mayor and Road corridor (mis)management staff. Who can forget that this same staff gave us their consultation and innovation efforts at Phoenix car park and now we have a skate park, gave us a revamped Greerton Village and then refused to reinstate in part, proposed a Six Million Dollar spend to reinstate the Mauao base track, and now a 7 million spend up on a 2 km concrete cycleway on Totara Street. Great initiative, but wrong people. Thanks, but no thanks.