Officer fatally shot in routine traffic stop

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A police officer is dead after two officers were shot in West Auckland today.

A member of the public was also hit by a vehicle after police performed a routine traffic stop at around 10.30am on Reynella Drive in Massey.

In a media briefing this afternoon, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says the second officer is being treated in hospital for serious injuries.

He says the member of the public sustained minor injuries.

Coster says the offender fled the scene and police are actively seeking the shooter.

"Officers will be armed in the area until the offender is located."

The offender has fled the scene in a vehicle and police say they have a large presence actively searching for the offender.

Coster says it was a routine stop and there was nothing to indicate that this job was out of the ordinary.

The officers were not carrying firearms

The Prime Minister and Minister of Police have issued the following statement on the shooting in Massey this morning.

“This is devastating news. Our police officers work hard everyday to keep us and our communities safe,” says Jacinda Ardern.

“To lose a Police officer is to lose someone working for all of us, but also a family member, someone’s loved one and friend. My condolences go to them and to their Police whanau."

“We are heartbroken for the family and colleagues of the officer who has died today,” says Stuart Nash.

“We want all our Police officers to get home safely at the end of every working day. This is a tragic day for our Police family.

“We have another officer injured by gun fire and a member of the public has also been injured by a fleeing offender. Our thoughts are with them.

“I have spoken to the Commissioner of Police this morning to ensure that he and his senior commanders have all the resources they need to respond. Police will provide further updates as they are able to.

“The officers’ families and colleagues also need all the support they can get. This will take a toll on them in the days and weeks ahead.

“I want to thank those who were first on the scene to help and acknowledge the health professionals who worked to treat the officers.

“In the history of New Zealand policing since 1890, 22 officers have been shot and killed on duty, most recently Senior Constable Len Snee in Napier in 2009. Since 2002, 15 officers have been wounded by firearms.

“Massey has a strong community spirit and this will be frightening for the locals caught up in this. I urge members of the public to follow instructions from Police and to keep themselves safe,” says Nash.

Coster says this is a terrible day for the New Zealand Police Force.

"This is a shocking situation, this is the worst news police and their families can receive."




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@ dumbkof2...

Posted on 20-06-2020 19:30 | By groutby

...the ’dogooders’ only want to be seen to be socially responsible,( whatever that means now) they don’t want to actually do something tangible that makes a positive difference...there will be no ’outcry’ from these ’dogooders’ for this killing of an unarmed Police officer, or the killing of innocent babies and children in this country, or frankly anything else which proves to be a little more difficult than posting on social media or turning up to a protest about an issue which has little or no relevance to this country, however, they march ’in unison’ with their mates...and that, for whatever reason is far more important than the reason itself...we need to grow up....

@ GWHtpt

Posted on 20-06-2020 09:44 | By

Very well said.

Jacindas a joke

Posted on 20-06-2020 07:24 | By

Since jacindas taken over gun crime is a weekly occurrence especially here in the bay. Making law abiding citizens hand In their guns has achieved zero. And then giving in to a bunch of protesting hippies who have nothing better to do about the new police trials is pathetic. Using Something that happened in America to fuel their debate saying police are targeting certain groups come on if those groups aren’t doing crime they don’t get targeted!!!


Posted on 19-06-2020 18:11 | By Lyrch

Firstly, my prayers go out to the family of the officer who was taken while protecting our community from scum like this muppet. Secondly, I total agree with you Qalad, Jacindas new gun laws focused on "law abiding" NZ gun licence holders aren’t working. Maybe she should focus on the "non licenced" criminals who possess these guns, since they are the ones committing this atrocities?!

Cops lives matter

Posted on 19-06-2020 17:04 | By bopworkingmum

Maybe we need to start a Police Lives Matter movement. My heart goes out to the families involved.

Police lives matter

Posted on 19-06-2020 15:00 | By Qalad

May be the Armed Response Teams should have been moved out west rather than done away with. Hey Jacinda I see the new gun laws are as effective as your testing regime for over seas visitors

Strengthens The Case

Posted on 19-06-2020 14:51 | By

That the AR Squad is needed. Despite Jacinda bringing all these new laws in the morons out there are still going to be morons with murderous intent. Sincerest condolences to the family and to the force. Kia Kaha.


Posted on 19-06-2020 14:36 | By dumbkof2

Police officer shot and killed. So where is the outcry from all the dogooders about this. I say fully arm the police so they can go about their job in relative safety, protecting the good people. The only ones that have anything to fear from armed police are the bad guys. Disarm the bad guys first then think about disarming the police. jacindas law not working