Kulim Park update: bollards to be installed

The site where the bollards will be at Kulim Park. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

As part of upgrades to Kulim Park, Tauranga City Council will install bollards next week to restrict car parking on the railway side of the access road.

The additional bollards will prevent visitors from parking on the open grassed areas to create a safer park for people to enjoy, says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

"The park will be monitored over the coming months to better understand if further changes to the layout are needed.

"For example, to understand if there are enough parking spaces and to also trial drainage solutions to reduce ponding issues.

"The park will remain open to vehicles during installation of the bollards. Construction will take around seven days."

These works follow the decision made by Council’s Projects, Services and Operations Committee meeting on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.

A brief timeline for developing the car parking layout is given below:

Late June: install bollards to prevent vehicles from parking on the grassed areas.

June-October: monitor use of the park to understand if further changes are needed to the car parking layout as well as trial drainage solutions.

Early 2021: implement the final car parking layout alongside an upgrade to Kulim Park.

For more information see

Pictured above is a photo of layout of bollards. Supplied image.

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Posted on 22-06-2020 15:17 | By

Once again, the complaints come from selfish vehicle users, who want everything their way to the detriment of all others. A very common situation in this city where the vehicle rules and pedestrians are second class citizens.

Be thankful

Posted on 19-06-2020 13:04 | By

At least they’re not proposing a multi story slopey car park hub. Starting small. Keeping it simple. Still, a few bollards and white lines will cost a million or two for sure.

Change for no reason.

Posted on 19-06-2020 12:20 | By morepork

Did anyone complain about Kulim Park? Had many enjoyable hours there over the years and it is a popular meeting place. The informality of parking on the grass (to minimize haulage to the BBQs) and the general setting make it a good place for a few beers and a BBQ or picnic. Unless there have been a number of complaints, why would Council meddle with this? It is no wonder the current Council has little credibility.

Kulim Park

Posted on 19-06-2020 08:53 | By

This park has been open for everyone to park on the grass and enjoy for over 60 years on a first come first served casual basis - why now does the Council in their wisdom have to put in bollards and restrict cars and families and have a more regimented unfriendly area. We’ve seen what has happened to other areas, don’t let it happen to our Kulim Park.


Posted on 19-06-2020 06:36 | By Told you

We have been told that we are insolvent in the city coffers,so why oh why are we spending this money on Bollards, this council is obsessed with safety and have slowed the city down as it now bottled necks where ever you go. When has anyone been injured at Kulim Park?


Posted on 18-06-2020 22:57 | By The Caveman

>>>> "The park will be monitored over the coming months to better understand if further changes to the layout are needed. "For example, to understand if there are enough parking spaces .................." SO the Council in their wisdom are making CHANGES, without ever doing anything to know what they are doing is actually need or necessary - AGAIN -- a bit like the car park in the middle of the Mount shopping center - that is now a CONCRETE waste. No wonder that the Tauranga CDB and the Mount central shopping centers are dying !! And it now seems that the city parks are now going the same way !!!

What another restriction

Posted on 18-06-2020 17:59 | By

Why, this is just another restriction you impose, I have been there many times for an evening bbq and now you have to do this, what for, what is the reasoning , this is unbelievable a waste of money, people actually sort themselves out without your interference, leave it as it is, stop this now. have the people who made this decision ever been there for a lunch or evening BBQ so kids running back to the car to get something out of parants site like they do!! Why cant you just leave it as it is?

Next stuff up

Posted on 18-06-2020 17:22 | By

According to Powell the Council is insolvent. Or is that just a load of bollards?

Good one

Posted on 18-06-2020 17:21 | By First Responder

I use to enjoy parking by the bbq and not having to cart stuff for miles. Looks like our council with no money wants to stuff that up. If youve got no money, DONT SPEND IT

Good idea

Posted on 18-06-2020 16:35 | By Captain Hottie

Much as I like the convenience of being able to park on the grass, it’s not very nice to have a picnic surrounded by cars and churned up grass. People just park willy nilly, usually in the best spots for picnics. Plus those dorks who leave all their doors open and blast their music so everyone else can ’enjoy’ it.