Wairoa Bridge, SH2 now open following crash

Five vehicles were involved in the collision on State Highway 2 near Wairoa Bridge on Sunday morning. Photo: John Borren

1.30pm Update:  The serious crash on SH2 in Bethlehem has been cleared and Wairoa Bridge has reopened. 

Motorists are advised to practise patience as congestion eases.

The crash was reported to emergency services just before 10.30am.  The TECT Rescue helicopter was also called to the scene, landing on the Wairoa Bridge.

Five vehicles were involved in the crash and one person received moderate injuries.

Police wish to thank motorists for their patience following the collision.

1pm Update: The Wairoa Bridge remains closed following the earlier serious crash.

Five vehicles were involved in the collision.

One person is reported to be in a moderate condition and has been transported to hospital.

Several others are reported to have less significant injuries.

A diversion is currently in place onto Poripori Road however the crash is causing traffic delays.

Police urge to motorists to continue to be patient.

12.50pm A SunLive reporter reports that five vehicles were involved in the collision on State Highway 2 on the Tauranga side of Wairoa Bridge this morning.

The highway remains closed with diversions in place via Wairoa Rd, Crawford Rd, Poripori Rd, SH29, Cambridge Rd, and Moffat Rd.

SunLive readers report that traffic has been backed up for many kilometres on SH2, and has also been building up on the lower Kaimai Range on SH29.

10.45am Update - The Wairoa Bridge is blocked following a serious crash on SH2 this morning.

Emergency services are responding to a serious crash involving multiple vehicles on the Wairoa Bridge, State Highway 2, Te Puna.

Initial reports indicate one person is trapped.

Motorists are asked to avoid the area or expect delays.

Traffic diversions are in place as follows:

Eastbound: Wairoa Rd, Crawford Rd, Poripori Rd, SH29, Cambridge Rd, Moffat Rd.

Westbound: Follow posted detour - Moffat Rd, Cambridge Rd, SH29, Poripori Rd, Crawford Rd, Wairoa Rd.

The TECT Rescue helicopter landed on Wairoa Bridge following the multiple vehicle crash. Photo: Franz Strydom

Photo: John Borren

Photo: John Borren

Earlier, 10.35am:

SunLive readers are reporting a vehicle crash has happened this morning on SH2 at the Wairoa Bridge.

It is unknown at this stage how many vehicles are involved or if anyone is injured.

NZTA advise that a serious incident has been reported to emergency services in this area and that delays are possible.

It is understood that traffic is now backing up along State Highway 2.

SunLive will provide an update as soon as more information is available.

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No brainer i think

Posted on 14-06-2020 21:05 | By

If people would stop using there dloody phs and stop txting there wouldnt be so many crashes


Posted on 14-06-2020 20:50 | By

They do. The amount of education over tv and realistically through the visual articles such as this is thrashed out every year. Unfortunately there’s idiots and morons out there that just do not care and believe they are bulletproof and stuff everyone else including their friends and family as passengers. HOWEVER, WE DO NOT KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THIS CRASH. Was it a medical event, was it mechanical misfortune . . .


Posted on 14-06-2020 20:47 | By

There is no doubt our Roads are such that the driving ability is very poor! We need to practice "defensive driving"and if you don’t know what that is then attend a class to teach you!Mr Terry Hall is spot on!!


Posted on 14-06-2020 20:44 | By

Typically bad Kiwi driving. One crosses the centre line rubbernecking. Another two or three are so close behind they get involved. Kiwi rubbernecking and tailgating are the favourite sports, after speeding. Muppets.

50 Kms

Posted on 14-06-2020 17:40 | By

Well I must say the damage from this accident was from vehicles doing a lot more than the posted speed limit for the road works. When will people learn to follow the speed limit posted, stop tailgating and don’t be in a rush. I hope the injured make a full recovery.

No Brainer

Posted on 14-06-2020 16:47 | By Feruno

Instead of complaining about speed, WHY don’t authorities run a safe driving campaign on TV, Newspapers, and proper road signage Training people how to use roundabouts, following distances, moving over to allow built-up traffic to pass, etc ?


Posted on 14-06-2020 16:31 | By Ben Dover

I totally agree with your very sensible comment! The spend on this cycle way is totally out of proportion as to who it benefits compared to all the work needed to make the road safe for vehicle users who actually contribute financially!


Posted on 14-06-2020 16:25 | By dumbkof2

there is nothing wrong with the roads. it’s the idiot drivers that travel too fast and too close that cause most of the problems. just today i was travelling at the speed limit on highway 2 and some clown was that close i couldn’t see the front of his vehicle. never mind he may get a letter from the transport dept when they see the video i took of him


Posted on 14-06-2020 16:22 | By

it’s not the roads, its the dick heads behind the wheel, cars do not course accidents.


Posted on 14-06-2020 14:49 | By

Given the lack of foreign tourists there seem to be an awful lot of crashes since lockdown ended. Who can we blame now?

A $5.2 Million spend on Wairoa cycleway when overdue road improvements are essential

Posted on 14-06-2020 14:17 | By

While our Tauranga council and NZ Transport Agency approved a $5.2m cycleway bridge over the Wairoa River we still have way too high speed limits for our bunch of winding, single lane, poor condition roads, with scarce-as-hens-teeth barriers to be found, all round the bay of plenty (including this one) that are rife with vehicle accidents, injuries and deaths.... People driving all types of vehicles actually have to slow down to the road and weather conditions (and stop exceeding speed limits), stop tail gating and be prepared to slow down and stop at all times. Councils need to get their a-into-gear and get our roads up to an acceptable level of quality for the huge amounts of traffic (including the Tauranga ports) using the current unacceptable and out of date roading infrastructure in and around the Bay of Plenty area.