Keeping your home warm this winter

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With overnight temperatures reaching zero in some parts of the country, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority have issued some “easy and inexpensive” ways to warm up your home in winter.

Dr Marcos Pelenur from EECA says there are about 724,000 heat pumps in homes across the country and it’s important to clean the filters regularly.

“Heat pump filters can get clogged – aim to clean them every few weeks and your heat pump will run more efficiently and save you money.”

You can also use a dehumidifier to help heat a room faster, according to Dr Pelenur. He advises running the dehumidifier when you turn your heater on.

“Dehumidifiers work best in warm rooms and all the electricity they use gets released as heat - so your heater needs to do less work.”

If the cold draughts are whistling through your home, Dr Pelenur suggests putting low-cost draught stopping tape around windows or doors and tightening up the hinges on doors and windows.

“If you can’t do that, you can roll up a towel and put it up against the door or a window.”

He says it’s important to avoid lots of moisture in the home over winter because it increases the risk of mould. Air your home by opening windows and doors a few times a day, even in winter, he says.

Other top tips

  •   •  Dry clothes outside or in a clothes dryer that is vented to the outside – avoid indoor airing racks or clothes dryers that vent into your house. The moisture in the clothes will end up in your home, making it damp.

  •   •  Avoid unflued gas heaters which release toxic fumes and make your house damp. Cheap portable electric heaters are safer and cost less to run and are available during the lockdown.

  •   •  If you have a heated towel rail, only use it when needed. A heated towel rail left on 24/7 can cost you $170 per year to run. Convert the money you save into making sure your home is heated properly.

  •   •  If you are working from home, you may not have the luxury of choosing where to site your work space, but if you can, use a small space that’s easy to heat on its own. Move your desk to a position that gets good natural light.

  •   •  If your circumstances or energy use has changed, check you are still on the best power deal to suit your needs.

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Posted on 12-06-2020 21:07 | By cat4jesus

Yadick’s comments on electricity is so true. A company recently posted a 96 mil profit recently and will give back a few hundred to the consumers who they’ve profited off, twice a year. I’d be embarrassed posting such a huge profit while giving back a paltry sum, if it was my company.

Oil Column Heaters

Posted on 11-06-2020 20:27 | By

As pictured cost an absolute bomb to run. We purchased one some years ago and then rung the power co to see why our power bill had gone through the roof to infinity and beyond. His very first question was have we recently purchased an oil Column heater? When we told him yes he said there’s your answer. We stopped using it and the power bill came back to earth (or at least as close to earth as power bill’s get). It’s criminal how much power companies make and then from the millions they invest off us and support organisations with our money that we don’t necessarily agree with, the give us a couple of hundy back and think that that justifies everything. Bad news.