Air NZ refunds 15,000 customers

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Air New Zealand is refunding 15,000 customers on compassionate grounds.

The airline's chief revenue officer Cam Wallace told the AM Show it is paying out $22 million a day on refundable airfares.

Cam says Air New Zealand cannot afford to refund all customers.

"We've refunded about 15,000 individual cases. In some markets like the US we are obliged to give refunds," Cam says.

"We have a compassionate policy so if people ring the contact centre, and they talk to us about their unique financial hardship they will get their money back.”

Stuff reports the airline has culled 400 jobs in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The airline plans to operate around 55 percent of its usual domestic capacity (compared to pre-COVID-19 levels) from July and August.

With the move to alert level 1 on Monday, Air New Zealand began operating to all 20 of the domestic ports it previously flew to.

Air New Zealand General Manager Customer Experience Nikki Goodman says Alert Level 1 will mark a return to normal with regards to domestic flying.

"Social distancing is no longer a requirement, unaccompanied minors will once again be able to travel domestically, and customers will be able to travel around New Zealand again with pets as checked baggage.”

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Money for (no) jam !!

Posted on 11-06-2020 11:39 | By xenasdad

So The airline’s chief revenue officer Cam Wallace would be quite happy, and think it reasonable that after he paid a large amount of money for a new car, the Agents told him ,"We are very sorry, but they didn’t arrive, and NO we can’t afford to give you your money back". If he didn’t see this as theft then I question his suitability to be in ANY sort of finance work.

Did I miss something!!!!

Posted on 11-06-2020 02:24 | By The Caveman

" Cam says Air New Zealand cannot afford to refund all customers. " So they took the $$$$ for flights that THEY cancelled and will now not give the $$$$$ back !!! That suggests that they are in effect INSOLVENT !!! They took money for a service that they DID NOT PROVIDE and now say you cannot have your money back !!!!!! AND the government (currently the Labour Party - who owns 52% of airnz) seems VERY VERY HAPPY for that to continue.