Starlink 7 expected to pass by tomorrow morning

A line of Starlink satellites seen earlier this year. Supplied photo.

A string of satellites is expected to be seen in the sky tomorrow morning.

Weather permitting, there will be a good pass of Starlink7, best viewed from the North Island, says the Tauranga Astronomical Society.

"Starlink7 will rise in the North-Nor-West at around 6am and will pass across the North Eastern sky. The leading satellites in the main train will disappear over the South Eastern horizon from 6:07am. The other satellites will follow.

"The last of the Starlink7 satellites will rise in the North West at 6:05am, will pass across the North Eastern sky and will disappear over the South Eastern horizon at 6:12am."

The Sun will still be well below the North Eastern horizon so the sky will be dark.

"Please allow up to 10 minutes from the times given here as it seems the timings can be out. You might want to set a reminder alarm on your phone.

"Please note that the sky charts show East on the left and West on the right because it is meant to correspond to the sky over your head, and not the ground under your feet like a map of the earth. You have to imagine holding the chart above your head to use it, and then the directions are correct."

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