Crash prevention warning from Tauranga Police

Sergeant Wayne Hunter. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Tauranga residents are not strangers when it comes to reading about or reporting crashes, sometimes on a daily basis.

With Tauranga Police attending anywhere from 25 to 30 crashes in a week, motorists are being urged to do what they can to prevent any smash on the road.

Sergeant Wayne Hunter has attended numerous crashes in his 43 year.

He says many of the crashes have been caused by driver inattention.

“Police encourage people to take extra care and drive to the conditions in wet or wintery weather, as the roads are slipperier.
“However, the main contributing factors to serious crashes remain the same all year round, in all parts of the country.

“These are people not wearing seatbelts, people driving impaired or distracted, and drivers speeding or going too fast for the conditions.”

In the past week, SunLive has reported six crashes on Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty Road. This tally doesn’t include the minor crashes officers have attended in the past seven days.

Wayne says preventing serious crashes is about ensuring appropriate restraints such as seatbelts or car seats are used, not driving impaired by drugs or alcohol or fatigue, putting phones and other distractions away, and driving to the conditions.

“Remember the speed limit is a limit, not a target.”

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Police presence

Posted on 04-06-2020 21:46 | By

I agree 100km/hr on good roads in good conditions is not a target, but it’s an expectation. My opinion is that if the highway patrol pulled over slow drivers whom impede traffic flows this would save lives. Obviously the current approach is not working so perhaps the police could try a different approach? I see so many incompetent drivers every day and driver education from our frontline could make a real difference.


Posted on 03-06-2020 19:51 | By groutby

..Cindy’s Kindy back on the road again...didn’t take long did it !!

Wacky races

Posted on 03-06-2020 15:34 | By

Good to see Kiwis back as belligerent as ever.