Stop the prohibition

With the upcoming cannabis referendum New Zealanders have the opportunity to move our country forward to a 21st-century progression.

Throughout history, we've witnessed the complete failure of prohibition. The consequences of this have been the state using prosecution instead of health to disastrous ends.

Consider the tens of millions spent on prosecution and how that could be put to better use.

With the structures in place around the referendum, individuals over 20 are allowed to purchase a small amount of cannabis for personal use.

I can see gold cards being flashed about in stores for ailments like sore joints, arthritis, glaucoma and post-chemotherapy treatments.

The medicinal benefits cannot be answered away. The majority of new cannabis enthusiasts in Colorado, USA were the over 65's - not teenagers - their numbers decreased.

For some people, cannabis can become a health issue. A benefit of cannabis tax revenue is the ability to support folks with health professionals.

Destigmatising cannabis will be a big step forward for our community. Out of the shadows and into the health and tax revenue sector.

Danny Carey, Papamoa

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Tell Todd

Posted on 29-05-2020 10:10 | By

The national party have regularly been the main block to such improved legislation. And things don’t seem to have improved under their new leader.