Police confirm guidelines for places of worship

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Police have confirmed its operating guidelines for staff enforcing potential breaches of Alert Level 2 restrictions at places of worship.

The advice issued today updates interim guidelines provided to staff after Alert Level 2 came into force.

Police acknowledge the importance that faith plays for many New Zealanders, and staff have been instructed to approach potential breaches in this area with high levels of empathy and sensitivity, says a police spokesperson.

"Gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted except where people or groups can remain 2m away from each other.

"Unless people can be kept 2m apart at a religious ceremony, numbers must be limited to 10 (with exceptions for funerals/tangihanga), and have appropriate contact tracing systems in place.

"Police will encourage places of worship to limit their numbers in line with the Government’s intention.

"As Police have done through all Alert Levels, we will prioritise education and engagement as our primary approach to enforcement."

The guidelines can be viewed here.

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Posted on 22-05-2020 17:44 | By Blasta

Agreed Yadick. I understand the need for rules and standards, so why the double standard? REEKS of discrimination and condescension.

Cheers Jacinda

Posted on 22-05-2020 09:42 | By

Yet you can go to the local pub and bar and mingle and drink as much as you want. Jacinda has a church upbringing yet gives pubs and bars priority. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing at all against a good pub or bar but hey come on you limit a church to 10 . . . Which will stretch emergency services more . . . Supermarkets and malls open to all. I haven’t seen a Policeman policing and educating at the supermarkets yet but they’re going to Police and educate at churches for breaching 10 people. Hmmmm, so I wonder if the Police Minister’ will lead in churches :-)