Conspiracy Theory

Mr Bridges had that smug look on his face this morning [May 20] on TV3’s The AM show when asked if he thinks the threat to his National throne is in danger of being taken over by the ‘challenge’ being put forth.

Interesting that the challenges are relative unknowns. Even the pronunciation of Todd Muller’s surname was having the hosts scratching their heads!

Does he really know his job’s safe? Is this a plan to try and grab some of the limelight of the ever-growing-popular Ms Ardern and get some likes going again for the battle ahead?

S.Temple (Katikati)

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to be fair S. Temple,.......

Posted on 22-05-2020 21:03 | By groutby

....the ’head scratching’ of the host’s in regard to Mr Mullers surname pronunciation is probably because they are ’inadequately informed’..( I didn’t want to say thick) I wouldn’t read anything into that as long as they are able to read a screen in front of them to an adequate level is all that seems to be required......