Elections are coming

Any doubts that the government has a political agenda in their approach to the present Covid19 emergency have certainly been removed by recent events.

The ‘honeyed tones’ of Jacinda Ardern using the term ‘We’ to extoll the virtues of the population in reducing the threat of the pandemic, is spurious at the least. We, the compliant populous in our ‘Bubbles,’ have had nothing to do with the restrictions leading to the apparent reduction of the threat of Covid19.

In the recent relaxation of the rules applying to Level 2 the preferment of sporting activities over religious services and funeral attendances is as senseless as it is insensitive.

In the light of recent events, one may reasonably ask; Are the limits of ten persons going to apply also to iwi and tangis?

Bryan Johnson, Omokoroa.

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Same as usual you two

Posted on 23-05-2020 20:41 | By waxing

I see nothing changes with you two regardless of the truth and recent circumstances. Iwi have shown they are quite capable of managing tangi within the limits of the regulations. Public polling shows the vast majority of people support the regulations versus rushing into opening up the economy. And both of you could well learn more about the dangers of different methods of transmission of the most infectious disease that has occurred in history. Given the infectious danger, most would say that we all have done a good job of listening to Jacinda and Dr Bloomfield.

To answer the question...

Posted on 22-05-2020 20:56 | By groutby

...of course not, ’wink wink, nod nod’ I see nothing’, and under the current government directed Police force, they are way to busy giving out tickets and stopping people dancing for heavens sake than to actually apply current law!