Change is needed

The Government’s climate change response (Zero Carbon Amendment Act 2019) covers both mitigation (reducing gas emissions) and adaptation, building resilience and dealing with the impact of climate change on the Bay of Plenty area.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Tauranga City Council will have to make a plan from information the government gives them. That is why the Zero Carbon Amendment Act 2019 was passed by the Government into law.

A plan has to be put in place because greenhouse gas emissions have to be reduced. Vehicle emissions have to be reduced, also harmful rubbish products and packaging, plastics, sprays, fertilisers, by business owners.

These will have to be made of natural, environmentally safe materials otherwise there will be significant change in air temperature in the Bay of Plenty.

Sea levels will rise affecting communities and infrastructure. This will have a serious effect on our economy and lives.

COVID-19 has showed we need a clean, green world and over-crowding of countries can cause disasters.

Hilary Burrows, Papamoa

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All of this............

Posted on 22-05-2020 20:51 | By groutby already happening, there are very few people unaware of the need to reduce vehicle emissions,waste,sprays etc. as this writer suggests. However, there is much discussion to be had in regard to our (NZ) contribution to the supposed ’climate change’ debate. In short, this is a clear example of brainwashing at it’s finest, and the need to do our own research, come to our own decisions and not be swayed by propaganda issued by wealthy ’climate change’ organisations....they are relentless...