Elizabeth Street upgrade to go ahead 

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Councillors gave the Elizabeth Street upgrade the go ahead today. 

The upgrade will tie in with the Farmers development and is set to be complete for the opening of the Farmers store, scheduled for April 2021. 

General manager community services Gareth Wallis stresses the long-term benefits the upgrade presents for the city.

“Upgrading this part of our city provides amenity the city centre is lacking at the moment and sets us up for future development opportunities – this is a long-term investment for our businesses and people,” Gareth says. 

“It also reflects what the community told us. The majority of feedback received from the community, stakeholders and existing city centre residents and businesses supported the upgrade councillors agreed on today. We’ve listened carefully and made adjustments to the design to respond to the feedback received.” 

The upgrade will result in significant safety and amenity improvements on Elizabeth Street, with improvements on First Avenue and Devonport Road and an upgrade of the laneway between Elizabeth Street and First Avenue.

Parking will be changed to a parallel arrangement on both sides of Elizabeth Street. 

First Ave and Devonport Road will be upgraded with line marking and speed calming measures, pedestrians and cyclists will be prioritised and other safety upgrades will take place. 

Water and wastewater renewals and upgrades are required around the block and will take place along with stormwater improvements.

Following today’s decision, council will now progress to detailed design and continue to work closely with affected businesses throughout the next phase of this project to minimise the impact of the planned works.

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Posted on 21-05-2020 14:22 | By morepork

I share your annoyance and frustration with the "new" council and the Leadership which promised much and has totally failed to deliver. There doesn’t appear to be any attempt to do ONLY what is necessary and within our means (until such time as we can afford to do more), and there is no respect for "other people’s money". People who stand for Council should see it as a chance to serve the Community and not as a career path. NOBODY in TCC Management has even suggested that maybe Council should lead by example and take some wage cuts to encourage the community and show some solidarity with us. It’s sad.


Posted on 21-05-2020 10:07 | By Told you

If this upgrade is anything like Durham St we are in for another disaster, if this council thinks 8.5 million is sufficient to complete this they are dreaming.How do they know what lays beneath the road surface with major pipes needing replacement, I would suggest the total spent will be more like $12 million and a total embarrassment to the council.


Posted on 20-05-2020 09:22 | By Maryfaith

What is the matter with the people we voted onto this ’new’ council? As soon as they are elected - after promising to lower rates and unnecessary spending etc, they backstab the ratepayers and treat the rates ’pool’ as a big lolly pot, to be spread willy, nilly around the city, on their own little pet projects. When will they ever learn! TAURANGA CAN’T AFFORD THIS ’PRETTY UP’. Just take a walk up and down Devonport Road and look at the buildings/shops - more than half - EMPTY!! This silly spending is verging on criminal!


Posted on 20-05-2020 08:52 | By The Sage

The upgrades will most likely be a major disruption involving more road closures. That being the case there will be more business closures, so this upgrade is absolutely no help to those poor sods. Just who have you consulted with Gareth? What part of the community and what stakeholders and residents? This is a very vague comment.


Posted on 20-05-2020 08:44 | By dumbkof2

this council is rapidly sealing its fate at the next election. no amount of titilating will bring people back to the CBD

Road Paved in Gold

Posted on 20-05-2020 08:34 | By gincat

$8.7 million, what the heck will streetscape and paving be made of? The council debate regarding this street upgrade highlights the Lieutenant Colonel’s failure to unite a divided council

Gotta Be Joking

Posted on 20-05-2020 08:13 | By carpedeum

Where are these people’s brains Is this ?Is this REALLY the best spending of $10 or $11 million (plus over runs) for cosmetic things Basics for Council ...water,sewerage,n much more ....SURELY they need most $s spent there first


Posted on 20-05-2020 07:07 | By Told you

Not again, hasn’t this council learnt a lesson from Durham st,a tidy up yes but an upgrade no, not only will it cost millions it will not achieve the desired result.

hang on a minute

Posted on 19-05-2020 20:28 | By old trucker

I new this would happen SPENDING ALL THIS MONEY in these hard times(GARETH) should know better,this guy must be new as i have not heard this name before,and he is trying to make a good impression to his boss after cleaning his shoes under the table,the so called mayor was going to stop all this spending wasnt he, but NO he will put up rates to pay,all ready enough STRESS on us PENSIONERS,BUT tcc DOES NOT CARE about us,this makes me sick all this spending for things we do not need at this time, the farmers wont make any difference being there,and bring people to town which is now a GHOST TOWN,my pennies worth sunlive thankyou,10-4 out.