Fleeing Tauranga driver runs out of petrol

The man was arrested after dumping the vehicle and running through some bush in Bethlehem. File photo/SunLive.

A man is facing driving related charges after a police pursuit in Tauranga early this morning.

Around 5.20am, police observed a suspicious vehicle near Brookfield New World.

“Police signalled the vehicle to stop but it failed to do so and fled,” says a police spokesperson.

“Police followed the vehicle briefly before the vehicle ran out of fuel shortly after.”

It was dumped near Carmichael Reserve.

The driver fled on foot through bush but was located shortly and taken into custody.

“A 32-year-old man is due to appear in Tauranga District Court today charged with various driving offences.”


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Posted on 20-05-2020 15:47 | By morepork

It’s hard to believe that anyone NOT on drugs would start a Police chase, knowing there was no gas in the car. It would take the same kind of muppet to steal a car with no gas in it, if that’s what he did.


Posted on 19-05-2020 15:44 | By

They are back out in droves. Worse than ever. We need permanent lockdown. It was much better.

What A Moron.

Posted on 19-05-2020 08:04 | By

Hahaha, ran out of petrol. What an absolute idiot. Hope Delta put the doggies on him.