ASB to phase out use of cheques

Image: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

ASB is the latest bank to start phasing out cheques, which it says now account for less than one per cent of its payments.

General manager of retail banking Craig Sims says the banking industry was phasing out cheques as more customers opt for digital payment options.

Kiwibank stopped accepting cheques in February, and Inland Revenue and ACC did the same in March.

Craig says the bank had not yet finalised timing, as it wanted to give its customers time to adjust.

"We will give our customers plenty of notice before we make this change, and over the transition period, we will work closely with those who still use cheques to help them work through other payment options, and ensure they are comfortable with this change."

ANZ, Westpac and BNZ said last May, when Kiwibank announced it was going to stop taking cheques, that they would continue to accept them.


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About time

Posted on 16-05-2020 19:11 | By

Its about time they said good bye to cheques wish all banks would stop making them carnt wait till they do. They are a pain to cash if u need the money. Over lock down one bank on it web site said they were open but NO THEY WERNT AND THAT WAS BNZ FOR YOU WORST CUSTMER SEVICE EVER