Tauranga photographer snaps comet swan

Image: Amit Kamble Photography.

A Tauranga photographer's persistence in trying to capture a comet swan on camera has paid off.

Amit Ashok Kamble says he snapped the comet swan in the early morning sky, when he finally got a clear morning on May 7.

"Been trying to shoot the comet swan for the whole week but the weather hasn't helped he says in a post on his Facebook page.

"It was finally clear last night (May 7), but the seeing wasn't great, due to partial clouds, light pollution from Tauranga and very bright moon.

"The comet rose above the neighbour's house around 5.10am and I could get some shots before the sun started rising.

"Not very happy with this image, but at-least I got to see it with my binoculars and shoot it."

The image is a stack of 20 images shot at f2.8, ISO 800 at 200mm and tracked using iOptron skytracker.

Amit says there are gaps in the stars because he had to drop few image because of the clouds passing.

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Nice but...

Posted on 08-05-2020 16:15 | By

...You should check out ’Astrofarmer Imaging NZ’ on youtube. He has amazing videos of starlink and comet swan. Support this guys youtube page, he has the best starlink/comet swan/night sky vids in NZ.