Warriors paving way for trans-Tasman bubble

Photo: Foreign Minister Winston Peters. File/SunLive.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has congratulated the National Rugby League and New Zealand Warriors for potentially paving the way for a future “Trans-Tasman bubble”, and thanked the Australian Government for making it possible.

“Congratulations to the NRL and the Warriors for being the first to participate in what we hope will become, further down the track, a COVID-19 trans-Tasman bubble,” says Winston.

“The Warriors’ participation in the NRL in Australia shows that a trans-Tasman bubble could work seriously well.”

Winston says Australia and New Zealand are two of the most integrated economies in the world.

“The idea of a bubble with Australia was floated two weeks ago, and this is an example of the sort of action that could happen within it, while always ensuring the protection of public health.

He says officials in both countries are considering all aspects of the trans-Tasman concept, and planning how this could happen more broadly.

“A trans-Tasman bubble needs to be carefully managed as we move out our COVID-19 restrictions.

“Good luck to the whole team, it’ll be a tough season but all New Zealanders will be watching in on 28 May.”

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Posted on 05-05-2020 14:07 | By morepork

I agree with you 100%. This can only work if every person travelling is tested for Covid-19 on arrival in NZ. That means we need much quicker test kits. Such kits are now becoming available but we would need to pick them up. Uncontrolled passage of people, just because they came from Australia, is insane and threatens both countries.


Posted on 04-05-2020 20:15 | By Mommatum

That’s the only word I have to describe Winston Peters’ attitude in this manner. Here we are being told how important it is to maintain restrictions (and I agree) while an exception is made for them and with the support of both the PM and her Deputy. As far as I can see all that the Warriors are paving the way to is a potential resurgence with Winston Peters even hinting at “expanding our bubble further”, making a mockery of the PM’s nightly pronouncements about needing to be vigilant. Obviously sportsmen and rich people are the exception.