50,000 bottles of sanitiser delivered to schools

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More than 50,000 bottles of hand sanitiser have been donated to schools throughout the country.

The Ministry of Education has purchased 50,000 bottles of hand sanitiser at cost price from supplier NXP.

The company has donated a further 50,000 bottles to ensure all New Zealand schools and child care centres have sufficient initial supplies when they reopen.

The sanitiser supplies are part of a shipment of PPE products purchased by schools which also include gloves and face masks - helping to protect teachers, staff and children.

CEO of NXP Joe Taylor says calls were made to all 6000 schools and childcare centres in the country to ensure orders could be taken in time for delivery ahead of Wednesday.

He says taking thousands of orders of PPE supplies, setting up online accounts and processing the orders in less than five days has been a significant logistics exercise for his customer service and warehouse team.

“Our team worked 16 hour days for the entire long weekend to make sure the deliveries were ready.

“Feedback from school principals has been extremely positive with many saying it has helped ease some of the health and safety concerns faced by staff returning to work at Level 3,” he says.

Along with the donation of hand sanitiser, Joe says that in collaboration with MBIE the company has opened up online accounts for every school in the country - allowing them to leverage the All of Government pricing structure and ensuring they access the lowest possible rates for PPE, kitchen, janitorial and office products over the coming months.

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@ GreertonBoy

Posted on 04-05-2020 15:34 | By

And a darn good opinion too. Agree 100% with you. Greeblies - HAHAHA :-))

Food for thought....

Posted on 02-05-2020 23:42 | By GreertonBoy

This sort of information was what I was referring to... Perhaps this could be researched and a story written in the public interest?

I am not a Doctor.... but

Posted on 01-05-2020 21:13 | By GreertonBoy

Is it not true that washing one’s hands too often, especially with alcohol based disinfectants, is actually bad for ones health in general? Does it not interfere with the good greeblies in the skin whilst killing the bad? Once the ’pandemic’ is over, will people still be torturing and drying out their skin with these ’sanitizers’ ... or will they go back to washing hands and general hygiene? A nice gesture, but training kids to soak themselves in sanitizing products may not be a good thing in itself? Just my opinion