Boost immunity with autumn fruits at breakfast


Kiwis are being encouraged to boost their immunity with autumn fruits as New Zealand moves into alert level 3.

5+ A Day is urging Kiwis to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into their daily routines to increase immunity and keep themselves protected from the inside out.

“Autumn has taken hold across the country and as the mornings become cooler, it’s time to change up your breakfast routine with the new season’s fresh fruit.” says a statement issued by the charitable trust.

“Small changes each day can deliver big health benefits.”

Recent Ministry of Health data shows only 53 per cent of New Zealanders are consuming the recommended daily intake of vegetables and 51.5 per cent are eating enough fruit.

5+ A Day Charitable Trust General Manager Paula Dudley says fresh fruit and vegetables are the best source of nutrition throughout the year but Kiwis are just not getting enough for optimal nutrition.

“Seasonal produce such as apples, pears, feijoas, mandarins and persimmons are at their absolute best during autumn.

“So, we’re encouraging people to look in their fruit bowl each morning and see what new breakfast ideas they can come up with in order to boost their overall daily intake.”

According to 5+ A Day, two feijoas will provide almost two thirds of your daily vitamin C needs while a mandarin will help you check that particular box for the entire day and boost your immunity.

“There are countless ways to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your breakfast routine,” Paula explains.

But eating in season will always provide the best value for money, and the best quality, she says.

“When you start at breakfast, it’s easy to get your recommended five or more servings by the end of the day. So look beyond your loaf of bread or cereal packet and give it a try.”

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