Police arrest motorcyclist after public complaints

Acting Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Police arrested a motorcyclist and impounded seven motorbikes in Mount Maunganui, following reports from the public in regard to the manner in which the bikes were being ridden.

Reports from the public raised concerns about a group of five motorcyclists allegedly riding without helmets or safety gear, speeding and riding on both sides of the road and the footpath on Sunday.

Enquiries were made at the time, however, due to the dangerous manner of riding displayed the group were not stopped.

Later in the afternoon, the same riders were seen driving dangerously again, this time in Ohauiti.

On this occasion one of the riders was stopped and arrested.

A 20-year-old man will appear in court next month on a number of driving charges.

Enquiries to locate the remaining riders are ongoing and the bikes they were riding have been impounded.

"What these riders were doing was incredibly dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury to a member of the public, or to the riders," says Acting Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter.

"We're committed to locating the remaining offenders and holding them accountable for their actions.

"We won’t tolerate this behaviour in our community."

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crush them

Posted on 05-05-2020 08:25 | By hapukafin

there has been enough evidence of these guys disrupting the lockdown..They cant say they didnt know about it,they went out of there way without safety gear,in targeted area.The court needs to order crushing of these motor cycle.This will be the only rule these people will understand.

In the CBD too

Posted on 22-04-2020 09:55 | By

These guys were hooning around in the CBD down Willow St and Grey St as well, within earshot of the police station. Wonder where all the police were? I thought there was a lockdown going on.

Gets Worse

Posted on 21-04-2020 21:09 | By

I went to Tauranga Hospital this afternoon and parked in a street straight behind the hospital (name of street eludes me unfortunately) and here’s a moron riding what I would call a ’gang bike’. Clinging to his front, propped up on the seat by his pukey was a toddler about 2yrs old. NO SAFETY GEAR on him or the baby. He was taking that child on a death trip. He looked so smug and couldn’t have cared less. BLOODY MORON. Yes I reported it.


Posted on 21-04-2020 15:23 | By

these idiots where seen down in the wetland at the end of Faulkner Street GATE PA Thank goodness they got caught,

get them at first instance

Posted on 21-04-2020 10:22 | By hapukafin

These riders should have been stopped and charged on sunday at the mount.There would not have been many of the public out to be of concern.It definitly would have saved time chasing them up later.


Posted on 21-04-2020 10:17 | By dumbkof2

is this the same group that rides around welcome bay on their bikes. no mufflers helmets or safety gear. i know at least one bike has no rego plates