NZ no longer caught short for toilet paper

Toilet paper is no longer in short supply. Image: RNZ.

It’s a wrap. The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 is officially over with New Zealanders now using up their stocks and limits being lifted on packs of the paper gold.

Countdown’s merchandise general manager Steve Mills says, the days of Countdown stores being wiped out of toilet paper have now ended.

“The situation was pretty tear-able to be honest; New Zealanders were simply buying more than they needed and flushing their normal shopping habits down the drain.

“Throughout the lockdown, we’ve been reminding people of two key things. Number one, only buy what you need and number two, to shop normally - there is plenty of toilet paper to go around. 

“We’re really pleased that customers have listened to this advice and are using up what they’ve got in the cupboard.

“This means the pressure on our toilet paper supply has eased, so when it comes to having shelves stocked with toilet paper - we’ve got it in the bog.”

 Countdown is also taking limits off most products in stores now that the local supply chain is re-building, and to help enable customers to shop less often. 

There are now no limits on products at Countdown stores nationwide except on the following:

  •   •  A limit of four packs of beer and four bottles of wine per customer

  •   •  A limit of two will still apply to products where Countdown continues to see high demand so they we can make sure there is some for everyone.

Those items are:

  •   •  Flour

  •   •  Rice - Bags

  •   •  Dry pasta

  •   •  Canned baked beans & spaghetti

  •   •  UHT milk

  •   •  Frozen vegetables

  •   •  Paper towels

  •   •  Hand sanitiser

  •   •  Paracetamol

  •   •  Household cleaners

  •   •  Feminine hygiene products

Countdown online shopping customers are also limited to three baby formula products per order.

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Posted on 17-04-2020 21:56 | By

Should be able to make a clean get-away from Level 4 :-)