BOP police dog stabbed while pursuing offender

The police dog required surgery and is currently in recovery.

A Bay of Plenty Police dog stabbed early this morning is currently in recovery.

Officers received a report of a person attempting to break-in to a vehicle on Ford Road, Rotorua, at 3am.

“The alleged offender fled the scene on foot before entering a nearby property,” says a police spokesperson.

“A police dog followed the offender into the property, where it was stabbed.

“Soon after a self-harm incident occurred and the offender was transported to Rotorua District Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.”

The police dog required surgery and is currently in recovery.


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golly gosh

Posted on 18-04-2020 18:19 | By old trucker

This is AWEFUL agree with Yadick,i tink from memory this is the 4th time,my GOD, poor dog, wonder if it had its stab proof jacket on,????, makes me sick thinking about this,it is BULLDUST.Now he will get ACC to look after him.ACC did not give a stuff about me when i got hurt at work 2 times different accidents, 2nd one was all covered up and think was given a back hander then,there was no Work safe then, i would have SUED then,the Boss just looked at me badly hurt and walked away, could not have cared less, i told blue boys but NOTHING done about it,this was a Work place accident and NOBODY cared about me.i dont care anymore it makes me sick at my age all this rubbish, anyway SUNLVE, thanks for bringing us the news at this terrible time, you are AWESOME and No1 forNews,Thankyou10-4out.phew.


Posted on 17-04-2020 11:57 | By

Send this mongrel straight to jail. To the handler - hang in there and all the very, very best for your dogs recovery. DELTA RULES. Thank you for your amazing and talented work.