Man charged with assault after spitting at police

A 20-year-old man is due to appear in Hamilton District Court today after spitting at police while being arrested.

Police had been called to a central Hamilton supermarket yesterday around 11:30am after the man had been suspected of shoplifting.

After arresting the man he tried to flee and while being detained he spat at officers numerous times.

As a result of the incident the man has been charged with common assault, escapes custody, theft and wilful damage.

“The health and safety of officers is a priority for Police and we have a range of measures in place to protect our people, however given the frontline nature of Police work there are risks,” says Inspector Andrew Mortimore, Acting Waikato District Commander.

“Behaviour where people spit at members of the community including Police officers will not be tolerated.

"While rare, such behaviour is highly concerning and potentially extremely dangerous.”

The officers involved in the incident yesterday have received support and medical advice but have not had to go into self-isolation.

“While we recognise these are challenging times and the current situation may be causing stress and uncertainty for many, that does not excuse criminal behaviour which puts the community at risk."

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You Have to Wonder

Posted on 16-04-2020 11:04 | By

How immature and brainless the muppet is that keeps putting a laughing emoji to all these negative and serious articles. About time they grew up. Muppets like this are normally either dictated to by others because they can’t accept adulthood and stand up by themselves or they have a need to prove themselves from lack of maturity etc. Just remember a muppet needs a hand somewhere to work them . . . just saying

cuff them

Posted on 16-04-2020 10:42 | By hapukafin

Every policeman carry cuff links,the first thing they do when they apprehend someone is cuff them,it stops them running so fast and you got some control of the person with less harm to themselves