Police remind Kiwis to check-up on neighbours


Police are urging people to check on their older and vulnerable neighbours during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

 “Our older neighbours, or those who live on their own, or are isolated due to physical, general or mental health reasons need to know they have not been forgotten,” says detective superintendent Tim Anderson, who is the Op Covid19 major operations commander.

 “While we can’t physically spend time with them, there are ways we can let them know they’re not alone.”

He says if you have the ability to connect with them via telephone, text, email or social media, then check in with them.

 “If that’s not possible, it could be something as simple as a wave or thumbs up through the window.”

 Tim reiterates the importance of following social-distancing restrictions.

“If you have a neighbour you know to be older, unwell or who might generally keep to themselves, then pay attention to their patterns.”

  •   •  Have you seen them around their property or through a window in the last few days? Are they opening their curtains or windows?

  •   •  Are they hanging washing out?

  •   •  Is the rubbish going out?

  •   •  Are lights put on at night and turned off during the day?

  •   •  Have they had a food delivery recently?

 He says this is not a case of snooping on your neighbours, but playing your part to ensure that nobody falls through the gaps.

 “If you have any concerns for the wellbeing or safety of your neighbours, please contact police.

 “Call us on 111 if you believe it is a matter of urgency or you can reach us on 105 for non-urgent matters.”

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