Govt to fund temporary cycleways and footpaths

Planter boxers at Queens Wharf. Image: Greater Auckland.

The Government will provide extra funding to help councils expand footpaths and roll out temporary cycleways to help people keep 2m of physical distance after the Alert Level 4 lockdown.

“When people begin to return to city centres following the lockdown we want them to have enough space to maintain physical distance,” says Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter.

“Some of our footpaths in busy areas are quite narrow. Temporary footpath extensions mean people can give each other a bit more space without stepping out onto the road.”

Funding will come from the Innovating Streets for People pilot fund, part of a wider programme that supports projects using ‘tactical urbanism’ techniques such as pilots and pop-up, interim treatments that make it safer and easier for people walking and cycling in the city.

“Footpath extensions would use basic materials like planter boxes and colourful paint to carve out a bit more space in the street for people walking, like we’ve seen on High street and Federal street in Auckland.

“A number of cities around the world, including New York, Berlin and Vancouver, have rolled out temporary bike lanes to provide alternatives to public transport, which people may be less inclined to use in the short term.

“Councils are able to use highly-visible plastic posts, planter boxes and other materials to create temporary separated bike lanes where people feel safe.

“It’s now up to councils to put forward projects if they want to take advantage of this initiative. The NZ Transport Agency will help councils implement street changes that meet the Innovating Streets pilot fund criteria safely and with minimal disruption. While planning can start during lockdown the rollout of temporary changes will not happen while we remain at Alert Level 4.

“Councils can apply now for funding from the NZ Transport Agency, who will cover 90 percent of the cost of rolling out temporary changes to the streetscape."

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Posted on 14-04-2020 13:03 | By morepork

I agree with you that this will not be over soon. Your enjoinder to "Do as you are told" is one that Kiwis generally take hard. It is in our nature to question and rebel. But, sometimes, and especially when the data has been presented fairly and transparently, we need to act accordingly. I’m doing what I’m told.


Posted on 13-04-2020 17:22 | By Kancho

I would have thought there were more important things to spend money on at the moment. Over it I think you will be in for a shock this isn’t going to be just a week to go. We may get to level 3 but it’s not going away soon. Problem will be idiot’s are already breaking the law or interpreting rules their own way to justify doing whatever they want. We have to keep going and focus otherwise it will get worse again. Do as you are told.

And those........

Posted on 13-04-2020 16:51 | By groutby

....of us who as tradies earning the country $$ and hopefully helping to get us back on our feet again are already being hindered by government policy in allowing us to freely conduct business?.are they actually ON our side?...unbelievable!


Posted on 13-04-2020 12:47 | By Maryfaith

The stupidity leaves me speechless!!

Boardwalks versus Cycle Paths

Posted on 13-04-2020 12:20 | By Johnney

It appears there has been an increase in cyclists using boardwalks and footpaths as cycle paths when we go to so much trouble appeasing some factions by installing bike paths on our roads. What will council do also about cafes and bars taking over our footpaths. Nothing is my guess.


Posted on 13-04-2020 12:00 | By overit

How pathetic. We only have 1 week to go. What a waste of money!!!