Government confirms Bayfair underpass to go ahead

The current underpass near Bayfair.

The Government has confirmed that the much debated Bayfair Underpass will be going ahead.

Following "thorough investigations by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency", Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter has confirmed an underpass for people walking and cycling will be part of the Baypark to Bayfair Link project in Tauranga.

“I’m very pleased to announce that the underpass will be going ahead,” says Julie Anne Genter.

“The underpass will be situated north of the new Bayfair roundabout, providing an uninterrupted separated walking and cycling route between Matapihi, Bayfair and Arataki.

“This will provide a quick and safe way for students, retirees and the general public to get across the highway on foot and by bike or scooter.

“I would like to acknowledge the strong advocacy from the community on this project. You have made a real difference."

Back in August 2019, a protest was organised to save the current underpass from being taken away.

The Bayfair Underpass Alliance was formed to ensure the current pedestrian underpass is maintained at the Bayfair roundabout on the Baylink Project.

“I would also like to thank Waka Kotahi for working hard to find a solution. While this adds cost to the project, it shows safety and access for our more vulnerable road users is a priority," says Julie Anne.

The Bay Link project will complete the Bay of Plenty’s Eastern Corridor and improve safety, provide better walking and cycling connections and enhance access to accommodate for growth.

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What The

Posted on 13-04-2020 22:03 | By

Hang. Why is this suddenly possible? Talk about feeding us a load of bull puckie. Surely the over bridge would be better, possibly cheaper and definitely safer from thugs, weirdos, graffiti criminals and toileters. Will this just become another homeless shelter and bludger hangout.

People power seconded

Posted on 13-04-2020 19:47 | By michelem

It’s really great that they’re going ahead with it. Anything else would have been unsafe for all

Taking us for Idiots

Posted on 13-04-2020 10:31 | By Spy

This underpass job started off being 33 million of a 120 million project and now it is 26 million of a 146 million project. $26 million for a 90 metre tunnel ,that is $290,000 per metre for cut and cover. Someone in NZTA land should provide a costing to see how in the hell it costs so much. Are they telling me that 18% of the total B2B project budget is on one 90 m long underpass. What is it being built of ? Titanium ?

people power

Posted on 13-04-2020 09:47 | By hapukafin

its happening only because of the protest from the locals,the minister didnt make it happen

A rort

Posted on 13-04-2020 08:21 | By Johnney

It still being touted to cost an extra $33M. There should be a separate and transparent tender process here.