Kiwis reminded to stay home this Easter

A police checkpoint on SH2 not long after lockdown began. Image: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

“Easter is here and a lot of people probably had plans to go out of town, those plans need to change.”

That is the message of acting superintendent road policing national manager Gini Welch.

“Most years Police remind people to drive safely for the holiday weekend, this year we’re reminding people to stay home.”

The only travel that people should be undertaking is essential travel, she says.

“That means to access or deliver essential services, such as groceries or medication.”

Gini says it does not include driving to your bach out of town, visiting family out of town, or going out to do activities.

“If you want to connect with loved ones, you need to do that on the phone, video chat, email, or old fashioned snail mail.

“Alert level 4 restrictions mean you stay home, and you stay within your neighbourhood to exercise.”

Police will continue to be out on the roads over Easter, she says.

“We will be ensuring people who are using the road are doing so for the appropriate and allowed reasons, and are doing so safely.

“This includes driving to the conditions and within the speed limit. It also means wearing your seatbelt, putting your phone away, and being sober and alert.”

Since March 21, 12 lives have been lost on the road. Of those, eight of died during alert level 4 restrictions.

“There is a more than 75 percent decrease in traffic in most places across New Zealand, yet we are still seeing people die on the roads.

“Just because there are fewer cars on the road, it doesn’t mean you can treat it like a race track, or not pay full attention.”

She says a drive to the supermarket or pharmacy is still a drive.

“Please respect every road user’s right to be on the road, especially more vulnerable road users like cyclists.”

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