It‘s the little things that count

Free feijoas are just one way communities are helping each other out.

If we can thank coronavirus for one thing so far it's the way its brought  the community spirit and kindness of everyday regular kiwis to the fore.

It might be as big a gesture as volunteering to grocery shop for people unable to do it themselves; or it might be as small as just putting a sign up offering free, homegrown fruit at the end of the driveway.

What's certain is that every little thing counts right now and it's this sort of random generosity that's appreciated by someone else in the community - including a pedestrian you may never meet.

The odd box of seasonal fruit outside Tauranga homes may not be a new phenomenon but it only takes a neighbourhood stroll to see how many new ones are popping up at a time when families need it most.

Free avocados and feijoas are presently “flavours of the month”.

With some supermarkets listing avocados for around $2.79 each and feijoas for about $8.99 a kilo, rest assured little things definitely count.

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