Extreme graffiti attack in Papamoa

Images/Video: Daniel Hines/SunLive. Addtional video footage supplied by Damien Banks.

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A carpark in Papamoa has been heavily spray painted with anti-semitic symbols and racist speech. 

A police spokesperson says Harrison's Cut carpark in Papamoa is cordoned off following the graffiti attack. They received reports of the incident at 6.30am.

Tauranga City Councillors Steve Morris and Dawn Kiddie have issued a statement saying they are absolutely horrified by what they have just seen. 

"This is evil, disgusting, appalling and not welcome in our community.

"Papamoa supports our police, we support each other no matter who you are or where you come from, we are all welcome here. This vandalism is not who we are." 

A SunLive photographer says a black vehicle inside the carpark is covered with white paint and swastikas. 

“The carpark has been closed, and the Hyundai SUV has been destroyed. There is also rubbish, glass, screws and bolts everywhere." 


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@Slim Shady

Posted on 08-04-2020 15:02 | By morepork

I don’t make things up, and you should know that by now as you are a regular here. To answer your question: I inferred this number from comments made by the Health Minister here on SunLive: "In the interest of full disclosure, since the lockdown began I have also driven my family to a walking track about 2km from our house for a walk and gone for occasional runs, all of which were local and within the rules, and one bike ride which is already in the public domain." Here’s the link: It implies that 2Km is "within the rules" but 20Km is not.


Posted on 07-04-2020 17:05 | By

Another who makes up rules to suit. Where exactly is the 2km driving rule?


Posted on 06-04-2020 12:42 | By morepork

Obviously not supreme in the brains department. It is sad that we still have people with these attitudes; malcontents who have had this hatred instilled in them. (People are NOT born Racist.) The only way to break it is to show that it is not accepted by the majority (of all colours and ethnicity) and to make sure that kids get the message for diversity at school. If they are caught, there should be a sentence that will help them rethink their attitudes. BTW, you CAN drive to a location for exercise, provided it is not more than 2KM from where you live...

Absolute Tossers

Posted on 05-04-2020 18:55 | By

Firstly why was this mans car parked there. 2ndly who the hang do these absolute tosses think they are. White supremacist, REALLY? They should visit real white supremacists in the UK where 8yr holds would eat them breakfast. These guys are nothing but a bunch of thugs who haven’t even got balls big enough to do it in daylight. If they’re so dam ’cool and tough’ step forward and own up . . . Yeah I didn’t think you were. Next time you visit the beach go paddle in the water and keep walking because as the Councillors said you sure as hang are not welcome in our community with that attitude.

Beach user

Posted on 05-04-2020 17:32 | By Pcsparks

I don’t know why someone would do this They obviously have a mental illness and need to be imprisoned for life But why was this vehicle parked in the carpark My interpretation of the lockdown is you stay at home and exercise in your neighborhood not drive to the beach