Police checkpoints in Rotorua

Images: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Police are manning checkpoints in Rotorua today.

A SunLive photographer went through a checkpoint on State Highway 5 and was asked by police where he was going.

“There are six patrol cars, stopping all cars in both directions.”

Rotorua Area Commander Inspector Phillip Taikato says the police’s focus continues to be on prevention through education and encouragement.

“We are not currently undertaking checkpoints to check compliance with Alert Level 4 restrictions. The checkpoint at SH 5 and SH 35 today was a road policing checkpoint however officers took the opportunity to remind people about the Alert Level 4 restrictions in place.

“Everyone can assist by continuing to self-isolate in their own homes and if they wish to exercise remaining within their neighbourhood. Travel should be restricted to that which is essential and only necessary to obtain food or other medical assistance.

“Stay calm, be compassionate and kind to one another, and have confidence that police and our partners are here to support all communities. Right now we are encouraging everyone to stay home and stay safe – so we can save lives”

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Posted on 03-04-2020 17:30 | By

Love the name your using - LOL. In the top photo there’s 3 possibly 4 Officers wearing gloves but yeah, no masks. Wish they’d stop educating and start enforcing. Have an awesome and safe weekend.

Mixed messages

Posted on 03-04-2020 17:04 | By Tga Citizen

On one hand, we get messages from the police saying we must stay local, but then from the minister of health we are shown that if we have a bike we may travel out of our local area to go for a bike ride to maintain our mental health. If we are to be told a story, at least make it the same for all. After all, are we not meant to "Unite against Covid-19"?


Posted on 03-04-2020 14:45 | By

Only one officer in the photos (that I clearly see) is wearing a pair of disposable gloves and none are wearing masks. Lets hope they got their PPE gear out soon after.