Clocks fall back one hour this weekend

Dayling Saving ends this Sunday. Image:

This weekend is 49 hours long as New Zealand ends Daylight Saving and clocks fall back an hour.

For the purposes of making it easier to remember which way the clocks go this weekend we use the North American term for Autumn: “Fall", says

"This weekend Daylight Saving ends so clocks ‘Fall Back an hour’ on Sunday morning.

"Before you go to sleep on Saturday night don’t forget to change the clocks that you manually have to set back. Mobile phones and computers should automatically update."

Remember: Fall back an hour in Fall, Spring forward an hour in Spring!

The end of Daylight Saving comes with mixed feelings for many and usually we focus on this positive – that the weekend is 49 hours long instead of the usual 48!

"But with most of us at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown it’s hard enough knowing what day it is, let alone being excited about gaining an extra hour at home!

"But we do have one positive you may like – especially if you’re working still – you gain an extra hour to sleep in. Silver linings and all that…"

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